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DPA Demands NASS Intervention in ‘Abattoir’ detention center


Due Process Advocates (DPA) has requested for urgent intervention of National Assembly in ‘Abattoir’ detention center .

DPA in a letter dated November 14, signed by Kelvin Asekome appealed to lawmakers to find last solution to investigate what us going on ‘Abattoirs’ detention center.

DPA claimed that no fewer than 200 detains in ‘Abattoir’ Police detention center were suddenly released and evacuated to Kuje and Prisons in Abuja area as result of the alarm raised by what was going on in the detention center.

The Founder of DPA , Emeka Ugwuonye had been in detention for over a year in Kuje Prison for his fighting for human rights in Nigeria

The letter reads,” while evacuating accused from Abattoir was a welcome development, the evacuation was done in a manner that tends to conceal the truth about the atrocities that occurred in Abattoir, and to make it easy for the atrocities to continue .

” Therefore , we see these recent development as further reason urgency in the response of the Senate and House of Representatives.

” Help the ordinary citizens of this country to end crimes against humanity being committed against Nigerians by the Police , starting with a public hearing and investigations that will reveal the full scale of gross human rights abuses that occurred at the Abattoir. “

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