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Dr. Chuka Enuka: My Encounter with an Int’l Relations Authority

By Vincent O Ezechukwu

It was few days after completing my admission process at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, that I first had a glimpse of a man who later became one of the best lecturers I ever met both here in Nigeria and my few years of studies in Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology, Dubai UAE.

The first day I set my eyes on Dr. Chuka Enuka, was a bit of casual encounter, it happened while I was chatting away with a young girl who earlier introduced herself to me as a graduate of History and International Studies of Unizik, who was in the school to process her clearance.

While chatting with her, a middle age lightly bearded man walked passed us, she looked up and chanted greetings to the man who returned same while continuing his gentle walk towards the exit of the Faculty of Arts building.

The author, Vincent Ezechukwu

She then turned around immediately, looked at me stainly and then asked, do you know this man that just walked by? I responded, no, I don’t. This time she told me to pay attention, “he is an authority in International Relations, one of the best lecturers you will meet in this school, maybe in the entire country as long as International Relations is concerned.”

The young girl spoke again, this time in a low voice with a worrying look but with a smile on her face, “do not get into trouble with him: he is a disciplinarian and never compromises.” That was when I took interest and requested to know his name, she immediately gave his name casually as ENUKA. The name registered and rested in my mind like caution inscripted in a bullet.

Predictably, the day I came face to face with Dr. Enuka was an interesting one, we were in one of the halls at the Faculty of Arts building waiting for lecturers to come and teach us, as freshers, we were quiet anxious to receive lectures having been taught only once before that faithful day, the same man I was told earlier about, walked in, introduced himself and the course he will be teaching us.

He started his lecture with stories about his sojourn at prestigious University of Port Harcourt and UniJos, then to his doctorate years in China. From moment go, I knew I was meeting face to face with one of the most intelligent men I ever met. He came to the lecture without any paper but was seamlessly dishing out International Relations Theories boastfully as if he was reading it out from a projector.

Obviously, his analysis, explanations and using real life situations to introduce the course was something anyone will wish to experience.

Coincidentally, this period was during the 2019, xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa and the subsequent reprisal else where in Africa. It was just few months with Dr. Enuka at Unizik, but surprisingly, fresh students were already writing reasonable articles and joining discussions on roles of International organisations in the raging conflicts. This was as a result of influence and impact of Dr. Enuka in their academic life.

Dr. Enuka as expected lived up to his reputation as one the best lecturers when it comes to International Relations and the toga of a disciplinarian who take no nonsense from both students and staff. Despite all these, he is the most jovial among his colleagues.

His method of teaching, his relationship with students and ability to get the best out of even a very dull student stood him out among others, I consequently fall in love with this man and his approach, likewise my course mates who usually say after each lecture that Dr. Chuka Enuka remains the best and belongs to a vanishing breed of Lecturers who have perfect knowledge of the course they are teaching and know the best approach to impact same on their students.

Dr. Enuka is a senior lecturer in the Department of History and International Studies, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State and a well published author: He has over seventy academic publications to his credit. Among his recent books are: International Environmental Relations; Nigeria’s Peace Roles in African Conflicts.

He has served as the Coordinator of Post Graduate Program, Editor of the Department Journal and external examiner to a number of Nigerian Universities.

Vincent O Ezechukwu is a Special Assistant on ICT to Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra State.

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