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DSS Invites Obi: Tale By 2 Fools, Ezenekwe & Ben Obi – By Val Obienyem


My attention was drawn to the story by two Anambra fools – Ikenna Ezenekwe (247ureports.com) and Chief Ben Obi (Mbuze Agulu who is unfortunately sharing the same name with the gentle Sen. Ben Obi) –  that DSS invited Mr. Peter Obi who has questions to answer about the Ikoyi Loot.

Some may wonder at my use of so unusual a language, I assure you that I am not writing out of anger, but one would not hesitate to call the two men fools because they are actually worse than that, only comparable to that woman I wrote about recently(Mbuze Nwanyi).  

Even if a bit of anger is involved, did Cicero not write worse lines in an angry passage in his essay on Anger? 

I once read the story of an Emperor who must fast for two days before approving death sentence passed on his subject. I actually delayed the release of this piece to purge myself of any elements of anger. 

Some reasonable men out there will marvel that I have time to answer even fools. I do so because in this era of ICT, if you ignore the foolery of fools, it may be believed by the gullible.

Some top newspaper editors have actually called me and sent texts for my reaction, because my name was also mentioned in their fanciful tale.

Let me state again that apart from the general search conducted in the flats of all the tenants living in the building where money was discovered, no further, special action was taken about Mr. Peter Obi.

I was not surprised when I was told that it was Ikenna Ezenekwe and Chief Ben Obi (Mbuze Agulu)  that published the news and even mentioned my name as having drove the cars that brought in the money.

To show you how silly the two characters are, let us see them through my personal encounters with them.

My Encounters with Ikenna Ezenekwe

1.    As Governor, he wrote a letter to Mr. Peter Obi when he was still the Governor (attached) begging for PR job. Obi, whose idea of cutting the cost of governance is reducing the number of aides that he had, refused; thereafter he has been attacking Obi

2.    He brought erosion contracts to me to be awarded to his companies, we referred him to the Ministry of Information, but the guy believed we should have helped him even if we did not have to follow due process.

3.    A few years ago, he came to my office in Awka, almost crying that his father was dying of prostate cancer. Out of mercy, I collected 10,000 Dollars from Mr. Peter Obi and personally paid it into his account.  

When his younger brother, Ifeanyi Ezenekwe  (08067432…) heard of it, he also came to my office  and confirmed that their father was sick, but begged us not to give any further money to Ikenna who was using the sickness to dupe people, without remitting a kobo for their father’s treatment. 

I later discovered through SSAs to almost all the Governors in Nigeria that Ikenna reached out to them and collected money ostensibly for his father’s sickness

4.    Ikenna once organized journalists to visit a man in Nanka, whose family was washed away by erosion in 1978  and presented the case as if a fresh one. The man spoke, with Ikenna standing beside him. 

Thereafter, many people/organisations, including the then Governor Peter Obi visited the man and donated money to him. 

When the fraud was discovered, the man said it was Ikenna that tutored, directed the drama he acted and that the money he collected were shared with Ikenna. Channels TV followed and covered the report.

5.    Ikenna Ezenekwe  was once arrested by law enforcements agents for trying to blackmail Sen. Uche Ekwunife to extort money from her.

6.    Ikenna was teaching in the USA and was married with children. ASA USA people sent him and others to monitor Anambra election in 2007. Rather than do the work, he absconded and sold his soul to one of the candidates. 

Till today, the organization is requesting he pays them back the money they spent on him for pursuing another objective. When he did not return to the USA, his wife divorced him.

7.    In Nigeria, Ikenna married another wife, unfortunately hiding his genotype (Though he is AS, he claimed to be AA when he discovered his wife was AS. Chained by passion, he wanted her at all costs. 

His wife cried out recently about how Ikenna messed her up. Having a son who is SS, his problem with Association of People Living with Sickle Cell is that even when he is a stakeholder, he would not publish their humanitarian releases, such as those urging intending couples to carry out tests before marriage, without insisting on collecting money from them. 

He has severally reached out to the organization only with proposals to use it to defraud people with himself getting some percentage. One of the leaders of the group exposed this recently. 

8.    Do you know that it was Ikenna and Sowore that founded Sahara Reporters? In the early part of their development, Ikenna would always go to the back and collect money from people they were investigating. As he continued working against their objectives, he was booted out. 

9.    The last I heard about him is that he is consulting for Awka.

10.    The list is endless!

On Mbuze Agulu

1.    He is our- Peter Obi and I- Nwanna, but he has vowed to allow himself to be used by enemies to wreck Mr. Peter Obi and myself. 

2.    During the impeachment of Mr. Peter Obi, he was leaving in the lodge with those that took over.   In spite of being the greatest beneficiary of Obi’s government, he told incredible tales about Obi to those that took over from him. 

He was their darling by the strength of his foolishness. While he entertained them by making a fool of himself, he also made some money, which is his A-Z about life.

3.    When Obi came back from impeachment, he nearly slapped one of the aides of the person that kept watch during the impeachment, accusing them of being wicked by the way they treated Obi when he was impeached. 

He made sure the story got to Obi as a stepping stone to the return of the prodigal. When he returned, he said he was never with them and that he merely played along to get information from them. 

He even told Obi how he was the person that supplied me all the information with which we fought them to enable Obi to return. I cannot recall till this day ever fighting them. We merely faced the court cases and God did the rest.

4.    After the return from impeachment, he spoke severally to the press, presenting the person Obi took over his temporarily relinquished mandate as the most wicked person he had ever seen on the surface of the earth. The son of the person sued him then. 

5.    He worked with Obi till the end and made more money than anybody.

6.    When Obi left, he quickly chia ya waka and started working for… His stock in trade has not changed, portraying Obi as a devil in other to be loved.

7.    He got more than 7 brand new vehicles during the Government of Mr. Peter Obi , including Honda jeep.

8.    At over 60 why would anybody not pity him?


With short summary of their lives, tell me why people should take them seriously?

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