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DSS, mainstream CSOs are brain behind Buhari’s atrocities – CSO


When did the law establishing the DSS change from intelligence to law enforcement, corruption fighting and late night burglary or invasion? - CSO

Judges abduction: Exposing Nigeria’s mainstream CSOs, Buhari and DSS as remote and immediate brains behind the present regime atrocities in Nigeria

The last Friday’s late night invasion and abduction by the authorities of the DSS of some eminent Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the Court of Appeal as well as Judges of the Federal High Court did not come as a surprise to the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law (Intersociety).

What surprise and sadden us till date are the ignoble roles of Nigeria’s leading CSOs and social egg-heads in setting the country’s democracy on fire leading to its present socio-political quandary (i.e. state of uncertainty) that has seemingly reached an intractable stage. 

The Nigeria’s mainstream CSOs of Southwest or Lagos extraction undeniably provided “the technical know-how” that brought a contraption called “the Buhari Administration” to the country. 

That contraption is best described as “demo-dictatorship” or dictatorship created through a ballot box. Dictatorship is not born but made!

In other words, the makers of dictatorship afflicting Nigeria today are the mainstream CSOs under reference. 

The referenced mainstream CSOs got their hands soiled and conscience mortgaged unpardonably to the extent that many of them have frustratingly adopted conspiracy of silence under the Buhari’s demo-dictatorship while others choose to speak defensively in favour of Buhari’s dictatorial policies and actions through behind the scene or third parties or in the open.

The rest have shamelessly come out boldly as “protagonists of dictatorship”.

Attempts made of late by these conscienceless and shackled CSOs to regurgitate or reprobate have also failed and backfired on account of the fact that you cannot eat your cake and have it back. 

This is more so when their oilers know where and how to get them entrapped using EFCC and DSS, in the event they try to opt out of the inglorious and unholy agreement. 

It is clear to all and sundry that before their ignoble roles, the referenced CSOs were the soul and conscience of the country; voice of the voiceless and defenders of the defenceless!

It is therefore morally wrong and great disservice to our collective conscience to single out the immediate culprits (i.e. Buhari and DSS) in the senior judicial officers’ late night abduction saga, for condemnation, leaving behind those who created the “raging monster” (i.e. referenced mainstream CSOs). 

The former and the latter, particularly the latter, must be reminded of their “immortal sins” against the peoples of Nigeria, their liberties, Constitution and democracy and repudiated at all times. 

As abominable as the referenced DSS conduct is, it is about time we put the records straight and call spade a spade.

Those who brought Nigeria and Nigerians into this suicidal state must be exposed and shamed at all times.

The raging regime atrocities of the Buhari Administration would not have found their roots in the history of the country again if Nigeria’s Mainstream Civil Society Community of Southwest or Lagos extraction; oiled by some of the country’s leading tainted personalities have not conspired to impose the present demo-dictatorship on Nigerians. 

It is extremely important, therefore, to remind all and sundry that the present demo-dictatorship ravaging Nigeria is as a result of conspiratorial roles of Lagos Politics, Nigerian Mainstream CSOS (i.e. rights groups, rights activists, activist lawyers, activist professors, activist professional bodies and industrial unions), Mainstream Print and Audio-Visual Media and a handful of leading  online media.

It is therefore shocking and saddening that the messy situation that Nigeria finds itself today, which is getting messier day in day out, originates from the foregoing.

It will forever remain an indisputable theory in the world of sciences that something can never be derived from nothing. 

For no matter how brilliant a first school leaving certificate holder or secondary school attendee is, he or she can never conduct academic teachings in the university.

And no matter how spiritually gifted a first school leaving certificate holder pastor is, he or she can never climb beyond the first step of a ladder in the Christendom. 

Where academic discrepancies exist at the altar of leadership, it is either enslavement or conflict or both with end-product being quackery or neo-quackery.

In other way round, we ask: can a university professor, sensibly and scholarly, be politically fathered and taught by a FSLC holder or secondary school attendee? 

Is it correct to say that if the reverse is the case, such a professor is a professorial moron? 

What on earth would make a university professor to put him or herself in such professorially abominable situation; greed or power or both? 

Can anything good and creative come out of such irreconcilable union of a professor and a quack?

It is a truism that Nigeria of present political circumstances has been set back to over one hundred years as a country. 

The protagonists and promoters of Lagos virus Politics have indeed dealt Nigeria and Nigerians a heavy blow. 

Apart from conspiring to impose Gen Muhammadu Buhari and demo-dictatorship on Nigerians; they have also transformed themselves into institutions and voices of dictatorship and lawlessness and become toothless dogs; barking without biting.


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