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E Ekesons Makes History with First Class Cabin in Road Buses


A unique niche has been created in the public transport sector by E Ekesons Bros Nigeria Limited with the introduction of a truly First Class travel experience on some of its fleet of buses.

The buses which are already on ground and offering services, are fitted with a segmented First Class section which provides personalized audio visual facility enabling each passenger to select and watch whatever he or she pleases throughout the duration of the journey.

Each passenger in the First Class segment of the bus is also entitled to exclusive power outlets that enable him or her to charge a laptop and a phone.

In order to enhance the First Class comfort, the First Class section of the bus offers more leg room, leather chairs, and an ambience that is not any lesser than what is provided in the air bus. Aside the air conditioning system for all passengers in the bus, there is also refrigerated drinks and an in-built toilet.

Managing Director of the company, Engr. Chijioke Ojukwu stated that the introduction of the service which is first of its kind in the country for public transportation is meant to add value to customer experience.

According to him, “we have done this in so many ways, apart from improving safety, we have also been able to add more comfort. Currently, as the company stands, we have been able to bring in the first of its kind VIP Executive to the coach section. “So we now have coaches that will give you VIP experience which in Ekeson we call it B-SWAG. B-SWAG is a product we coined to suit both the old and the young, it is a bus system that give you far more leg room and more space for those who would want to sleep and also an on-board multi-entertainment system just like you have on the aircraft for long distance travels where you select your movie on demand, your choice of music, your choice of books on each seat.

“It is so personalised, you would not want to miss having that experience.

It is the first ever to be on the coach system in Nigeria. Apart from this, there are still so much to enjoy, the refreshment, the meals on board, the cabin crew- both male and female, the cabin hostess are well trained and are equipped to make the travel very comfortable. People now travel in comfort and in style, when we say in comfort and style, we mean in true comfort and in true style”.

The Managing Director, who is a frontline COREN (Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria) certified Engineer, added that the company’s growing number of customers are getting valuable services on all routes it plies.

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