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Edo 2020: The Obaseki dilemma ~ By Ini Udoka

By Prof Ini Udoka


The major concern should be: is Obaseki qualified to stand for election as Governor of Edo State given the academic credentials he submitted to the APC? His Party has given 6 (six) reasons for disqualifying him from contesting the election namely,

1. Claiming to have a Higher School Leaving Certificate from an Institute of Continuous Education which is not known to the Nigerian Educational system

2. Allegedly being in possession of an Affidavit disowned by a High Court in the Federal Capital Territory

3. Error in the National Youth Service Corps discharge certificate which bears Obasek instead of Obaseki

4. Loss of original Primary, Secondary and Higher School Certificates

5. Alleged violation of Article 21 D (V) of the Party Constitution, which forbids members taking the Party to Court

6. Legal precedents occasioned by the judgments of the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court on discrepancies in names.

I am forced not to speak in favour of Governor Obaseki in this matter. If he had had the right credentials for admission into the University, the moral burden would not have been against him. 3 credits and 3 passes could not have qualified him for admission into UI.

Registering for A Level whose examination was administered by WAEC but presenting a testimonial from an unrecognized institute instead of WAEC A Level certificate smacks of fraud.

The question is: what qualification did he use to gain admission into UI? Remember from his school certificate, he made a pass in English Language. Reading a course in the Humanities with a pass in English Language is strange. Did he undertake a remedial program at UI? He has not said so. Can his degree certificate stand on nothing? The lawyers will say no.

If he went through the NYSC program and his name was wrongly spelt, maybe since 1980, what could have stopped him from getting NYSC to correct it?

The University of Uyo had students who by default went through her and obtained certificates until Prof Akpan Ekpo came on board as the Vice Chancellor and so many of them were weeded out of the University. Remember the UMANA scandal? Could Obaseki have been one such student who obtained admission into UI by default?

Can we discourage academic misfits from bribing their ways to the Universities and getting into leadership positions by default? My submission here has nothing to do with Obaseki picking a quarrel with Oshiomhole. It does not question whether the APC has derailed or not. It deals exclusively with the subject of interest namely, is Obaseki qualified to be presented by the APC to contest the forth coming Governorship election in Edo State given his academic credentials? Should the APC not get it right in Edo State after bungling her chances in Rivers, Zamfara, Benue, Bauchi, Bayelsa, etc?

(C) Cullled from Prof Udoka’s response to Chief Otu Ita Toyo’s article “The signs are not good”, on the Obaseki disqualification saga.

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