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Edo Governorship Election: Muslim Group Warns Political Parties Against Christian-Christian Ticket

Ahead of the forthcoming Governorship Election in Edo State, a group of the Muslim community has vowed to campaign against any political party flying a “Christian-Christian” ticket for the Governorship and Deputy- Governorship seats.

Briefing journalists in Abuja, the leader of the group, Mallam Sulaiman Alhassan said the Muslim community in Edo State has been marginalized and relegated to the background for too long in the political affairs of the state.

He said the political calculation that has shortchanged Muslims in Edo State should now give way for a more egalitarian political structure that will secure for them the Deputy-Governorship ticket in the next dispensation.

The group said it will not accept anything short as Edo State prepares for election this November; warning to “punish” political parties and their candidates that fail to lean towards its demands

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