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Edo State Politics- No god father but me!


Adams Oshiomole

Is politics all in one and one in all? Does political parties present any differences in ideologies, objectives, composition and strategy? Or are they simply one and the same but merely touting mantra that they think the electorates want to hear? What is the deal here really? I for one do not profess to be a Political expert, not even a political pundit but because of my interest in the greater good and how the actions of the so-called politicians affect the common man, my interest has peaked in recent years. When it comes to matters as it affects Edo State, you can safely say that the interest is in overdrive.

 Governor Adams Oshiomole; our comrade governor, Osho baba and many other fond names he is now known immediately arouse my interest as he was touted as the people’s candidate during his campaign for the higher office about eight years ago. As he assumed the mantle as the executive governor, my hopes became very high. When he proclaimed conquering god fatherism on the back of his “one- man one- vote” campaign throughout the nook and crannies of Edo state, that interest once again went on overdrive. He appeared to be just more than the regular politician, his, was a noble cause that demanded fairness and fair play in totality. He was presented to us as the messiah we longed for had arrived, and it was never to be politics as usual ever again. Really? So it seemed. I have continued to follow this administration like the rest of the common men and women, initially to reinforce my interest and lately to ascertain whether believing otherwise simply was foolhardy.

I am afraid, no man can be a messiah and Governor Oshiomhole may not be much different after all or is he simply being ill advised? Has the retinue of sycophants overridden his noble objectives and colored it with disinformation? Has the political jobbers and prostitutes, whose mainstay is politics as uni-livelihood source, hijacked our “Osho Baba”? Is he one and the same and perpetrated a charade on those whose gullibility they feasted on? I can’t help but wonder. How do you explain the overnight change in fortune for many close to the corridors of power under his administration? How do you explain the rumors of cultists and bands of brigands in the shadow government of Edo State? If a searchlight is beamed on the assets of these individuals, analyzing the financial portfolio before Oshiomhole became the governor of Edo State and during their self-centered sojourn in the comrade’s government, would they be able to justify their sudden fortune without complicity of dipping their sticky fingers in the state coffers? The reason for their blind support of their master’s ill-advised propositions has become crystal clear. It is all about self at the expense of the common good. 

As the comrade’s tenure is in the final leg of his administration, rumor and the opinion mill are in overdrive. I have heard many things; from: the Governor must anoint the next governorship candidate, the Governor must simply pick the next governor, the Governor has picked the next governor, and other aspirants to the office must simply shed their ambition for the moment. And I wonder, what gives him that right? Those whose support matters and the foot soldiers are ready for their marching orders. Hmmm, what is God fatherism again? I thought that was what our able comrade banished from the political field of the “heart beat of the nation” or do I need a re-education on this matter? Is it really necessary to sell your birth right? Must every pronouncement of the governor be endorsed by those that ought to take him to task? Must you sit by and allow dissenting voices to be suffocated, muzzled and ostracized? Dissenting opinions are important components of the democratic process otherwise you have not only endorsed godfatherism, but begun a gradual planting of imperialism. So much for one man one vote.

Perhaps it’s time for all those who had claimed to be fighters of godfatherism to unsheathe their swords and get ready to slay this new monster rearing its ugly head and balking orders as to who will be next governor of the state. To have heard the current evil machinations and not come out with both swords blazing to the defense of democracy will reduce many of you to mere hypocrites and the dustbin of irrelevance when the history of democracy in Edo state is written. A level playing field that will allow aspirants to emerge and win on their own merit without the Governor tilting the vote in favor of any one directly or by proxy, creating situations that cast aspersion on credible candidates should be resisted with vehemence.

The Governor must be told without equivocation, that to endorse and promote any candidate before the campaign actually commenced, given the enormity of his influence, amounts to Godfatherism; a demon he pronounced to have slayed and annihilated in Edo state.  When exotic gifts are exchanged, campaign initiatives mobilized with huge sums of cash outlay as it is currently being done in Edo, one is left to wonder about the source of these funds. Are thse personal funds or the state’s coffer? Under which budget lines were these captured? I hope there are agencies that are still capable of raising these queries. These sycophants must not be allowed to feed fat with gifts of four-wheel drives SUVs and outright monetary incentives at the detriment to our common good. If you must err, then err on the side of our collective good. Fair is fair! With the current state of political affairs, Edo state has a long way from the Promised Land. 

May the good Lord deliver us from the fury of the shameless political lords and sycophants as they await their reward in the cry of the poor and innocent citizens of Edo state? Long live Edo State.

Paul Egharevba

Ovbie edo kpataki


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