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Educating An Ignorant, Unschooled Paid Writer: The Abba–Ukwulu-Ukpo Land Dispute

By Azowue O. Emmanuel


It is not always in my nature to join issues with those who are hired to maliciously turn truth on its head in their bid to do the wishes of their paymasters. But for the sake of posterity and to set the records straight, I will love to properly educate the ignorance of one Mr. Ilokolobia Chukwugozie who recently wrote an article titled: “Abba: A Community Deliberately Living in the Dark”, which was being published by an online newspaper (ElombahNews).

Before delving into decimating all the lame points made by Chukwugozie, I will love to first of all advise him to go for a crash course on Use of English so that subsequently he will be able to do a good job and his malicious falsehood won’t be easily exposed.

Mr. Ilokolobia Chukwugozie alleged that Abba is led by greedy ‘ignorants’ without substantiating their said greed or ignorance, which qualifies him as the grand patron of ignorant people in this side of the world.

He further alleged that Abba community is led by some greedy and ignorant leaders who unlawfully erected the Oye Abba market in the disputed land, but my dear purchased writer failed to point out the history of the Oye Abba market and when the market was erected. This was rather unfortunate.

The claimed that some greedy Abba men encouraged their kinsmen to trespass on the disputed land, they have lost claim of ownership in the court. This is rather laughable and further exposes his poor knowledge of the land dispute.

For the records, Abba has a warrant of possession of the land under dispute, which was issued to them by an Awka High Court after the misinterpreted Supreme Court judgment they have been mischievous flaunting as their victory banner.

He also bought into the consistent peddled falsehood that the four relieves sought at the Supreme Court by the people of Abba were all ruled against Abba and the matter was therefore dismissed, and some cost were awarded against Abba community.

This assertion only lays credence to the saying that when lies are consistent said, it begins to sound as truth.

Is Mr. Ilokolobia Chukwugozie ignorant of the offer made by his paymaster, Prince Arthur Eze of N100 million to the people of Abba so that the matter can be settled out of court, and the disputed land can be shared between him, the people of Abba and Ukwulu?

This is many months after the Supreme Court judgment. Unfortunately, thinking out of the box is not an endowment of small minds.

The assertion that Ukpo has won their case, therefore have no reason not to take possession of their land only exposes who his benefactors were, who had saddled him with such tainted assignment of pontificating falsehood in public domain.

Dear Mr. Ilokolobia Chukwugozie, are you aware that Ukpo community had always acted as witnesses to Ukwulu community in the land dispute against Abba until 1986 when they sort to be joined as co-respondents/defendants in the case?

This is after so many years after the legal battle between Abba and Ukwulu communities had been on? Can he explain to the public what prompted the people of Ukpo to change their interest from a mere witness to a co-defendant? If not for some mischievous intent.

I am yet to understand where Mr. Ilokolobia Chukwugozie got the information that the people of Abba have been paying levy for the pursuit of the land dispute. He shouldn’t draw us back to the same route those before him, because the issue had been responded to accordingly.

That Abba should stop her continuous name calling and chant of war is also another dummy that was sold to the public without substantiating same with tangible facts.

The people of Abba will love to understand what Mr. Ilokolobia Chukwugozie is describing as name calling; is it that Prince Arthur Eze has been using the Nigerian Police to harass them? Or that Mr. John Abang, the Anambra State Commissioner of Police has been bought over thereby acting out of bias than being objective in his actions?

Or that Justice Onyinye Anumonye’s ruling is tainted with injustice and bias? And many more. These are facts in the public domain that can easily been accessed by any independent objective minded person or organization.

That Abba should know that the law will take its full force on them if they continue to go against it only shows Mr. Ilokolobia Chukwugozie’s poor knowledge of the dictates of the laws of the country.

This is an indirect way of indicting himself as being a partner to the numerous crimes and unlawful activities perpetuated against the people of Abba by the Ukpo notorious gang.

I suppose he meant the unlawful arrests and detentions that were carried out against many sons of Abba as the full force of the law; the unlawful arrest of Abba sons inside a courtroom; or the destruction of the properties and parameter fences of two prominent sons of Abba without any court order directing to them do so; among others that cannot be mentioned here for want of space and time.

Which of these is he describing as the full force of the law?

That Prince Arthur Eze remains a peaceful man who wants peace for peace can only be accepted by someone who does not understand the true definition of peace. How can a supposed man of peace lead his people into a land dispute on a mere hearsay from his lawyer?

How can a man of peace financially induce the Nigerian Police to terrorize a neighbouring community? How can a man of peace be involved in multiple land disputes in different communities?

It is obvious that Mr. Ilokolobia Chukwugozie has poor knowledge of what peace truly means.

That Prince Arthur Eze, during the state lockdown to combat the coronavirus pandemic, gave palliative to the people of Abba is laughable.

Anyone can claim anything, so it will not be out of place for Mr. Ilokolobia Chukwugozie to have made such an ambiguous claim which is neither here nor there, as the people of Abba have never been known as beggars or lazy people who cannot fend for themselves, and will therefore not need any form of palliative from a man who has caused them so much pains and sorrows.

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