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EEDC Electric Meter Fraud: Igbos Killing Igbos, Group Laments

By Saintfrank Anekeoku

The attitude of the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company [EEDC] meter removal without replacement and estimation against NDI IGBO can no longer be tolerated and accepted as all the Forum efforts for justice and rule of law were to no avail.

On that note, the Enugu State Youths leader of NDI IGBO UNITED FORUM Youth Wing Comrade Akachukwu Nnaemeka is calling on all the good people of Enugu State, youths, students, business men, transporters, Churches and groups in Enugu State to join in our fight against direct connection and billing on estimation pending meter replacement that is not possible or available in their office here in Enugu because of their selfish interest, greed and Igbo killing Igbo attitude within the leadership of EEDC.

EEDC, enough is enough of Electricity suffering and humiliation in our urban and rural areas in Enugu state. Let every body come out in enmass as we inform Nigeria and the world the illegality and criminality activities practiced by EEDC breaching the law governing the power sector, we need justice to prevail to avoid EEDC crisis against Igbos and others in Enugu State.

Based on the following findings and complaints below by Enugu State Indigenes:

1) Over 56,000 customers are involved and affected by Stand alone meter.
2) Arrangements are already in place to bill the affected customers on estimation by February 2020 bill. So when can they finish installing the new meters before then? In which the meter in question is not available.
3) NERC rules, you replace customers’ meter at no cost if you remove it.

4.) These meters were installed free by Government during PHCN days before privatization. So why should people pay for their replacement with the sum of thrity thousand naira for single phase and seventy thousand Naira for double phases
4.) Meter is now property of the company EEDC. So why should people pay for what is not theirs.
5.) MAP is to narrow the wide metering gap of the company and not for Meter replacement.
6.) These stand alone meters are currently used in such other districts as Jos, Kaduna, Ibadan etc. What magic have they used to sustain them?
The Truth:

Wickedness against humanity : It’s about integrity of the meter. If the voltage drops, the old meter stops reading. This is how a good functional meter should work.
Whereas in the new proposed meter if the voltage is low, the meter continues to read. Thereby customers pay for low voltage.

We urge you all to come out, on
Date: 27th January, 2020
Venue: Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium Enugu( meeting point)
Time: 8 AM

Is time, let’s correct this error, anomalities or wickedness from EEDC. This is the time to solve this problem of electricity humiliation, over billing ( estimation) and fraudulent system in Enugu State.

Say No to Estimation and meter removal without immediate replacement.

Saintfrank Anekeoku reporting from Enugu State for ElombahNews.

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