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EEDC Lacks Human Empathy, Emeka Offor Has Case To Answer —Anekeoku

By Anetoh Anthony Onyema

It has come to our notice that the Good people of Enugu State is now crying and suffering from the EEDC meter removal, estimation and over billing against their wishes and the law governing the EEDC operation in Nigeria.

The State Chairman Project Rescue Nigeria Enugu State Chapter, Comrade Anekeoku Franklin Classified the Chairman of EEDC Sir Dr. Emeka Offor as a man without God’s heart, no human empathy and lacks humanitarian services to mankind because he thinks he has the opportunity to head and control the policies of EEDC in Enugu, Nigeria.

This illegal action and humiliation attitude carried out by EEDC officials against their Costumers in Enugu State can no longer be accepted, condoned or tolerated because the masses are now crying against this wicked and barbaric act, an illegal operation being carried out in Enugu State by EEDC officials, from house to house.

Since 1st January, 2020 the people of Enugu State have had no peace in Electricity supply and management, because of EEDC policy that was organized by Emeka Offor and his management team to suffer the good people of Enugu State.

I call on the Federal Government, Enugu State Government, Stake holders, NGOs and Human Right Activists to look into this matter before this humiliation by EEDC officials generate a crisis in Enugu State that will be hard to control or solve.

Consequentially, this is a pro-active press statement release by the leadership of Project Rescue Nigeria, Enugu State Branch, let all the organizations, traditional rulers, security agencies, Senators and Federal House of Representatives to come for this Rescue Mission we are embarking on because EEDC is set to destroy the peaceful atmosphere and co- existence in Enugu State because of greed and selfishness from the leadership of EEDC and its players against Enugu State populace.

The meters in question are used in other DISCOs why Enugu State District meters are being removed as outdated? Please allow them with the usual National meters Nation wide, until a solution is proffered, EEDC!

We call on Sir Dr. Emeka Offor and Sen. Ken Nnamani to rethink their decisions before we classify them as Enemies of the state, humanitarian services and democracy in Nigeria.

If anything goes wrong in the streets between EEDC personnels and their customers, all the blame should go to Emeka Offor and Sen. Ken Nnamani because their operations are illegal and inhuman. We have no other option rather than to challenge their actions in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Imagine them watching their people suffering and crying against this dastardly act, calculated illegality and criminality against them. This is against the law governing the company.

From now hence forth, I advise the good people of Enugu State to never allow any EEDC personnel to remove their meters anymore or destroy their recharging cards which EEDC is now doing if you come to their office to recharge.

It’s illegal to have them remove your meter without immediate replacement, hold any person you see, he or she who comes around for an illegal work, it’s a crime; such operation is against NERC the rules and regulations that governs electricity distribution in Nigeria as an entity.

Before I conclude , Emeka Offor is advised to address their customers in Enugu State publicly through National TV, National Radio Stations and News paper publications for clarification for what is being used in one state in Nigeria cannot be used in another state in Nigeria, without that hold any EEDC personnel you see removing your meter without immediate replacement or a marketer that brings estimation bill to your door step. Call on us. Enough is Enough, Enugu must be Rescued from the hand of despotic leaders against this wicked act of EEDC.

Say No to EEDC Electricity humiliation and wickedness!

By Anetoh Anthony Onyema, a certified political scientist and analyst.

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