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EFCC and their extra-judicial killings in Nigeria (part 1)


Magu, his EFCC and their extra-judicial killings in Nigeria

Few weeks ago, I wrote and published an article entitled “DSS AND THEIR EXTRA-JUDICIAL KILLINGS IN NIGERIA”. 

In the said article, I expressed my displeasure over the way and manner our security agencies, precisely the Department of State Security (DSS) treat Nigerians by abusing, intimidating, humiliating and rough handling them contrary to the provisions of our constitution. 

I used the extra-judicial killing of one Mr. Damilare Eyitayo by Men of the Department of State Security [DSS] in Lagos State to draw home my points. 

I concluded the article by proffering solutions on how to assist Government and the Society at large, to halt this steady assault on the sensitivity of Nigerians by the obviously untrained, shameless and notorious DSS operatives (see the attached article).

It appears our security agencies are not the only ones involved in the extra-judicial killings of Nigerians. 

Anti-corruption agencies are also shamelessly involved in this sordid and criminal act of killing citizens of this country, just to cover up their shady deals, and please their sponsors.

The recent extra-judicial brutal killing of one Mr. Desmond Nunugwo by the uncivilized, un-cultured, ill-mannered, shameless and untrained fools parading as men of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has drawn me out to question the motive of the murder, and to express my total displeasure over the obvious professional misconducts and misdeeds of the miscreants in anti-corruption garments. 

As a well-known anti-corruption and socio-political crusader in this country, I support the fight against crime and corruption.

I have been in the boxing ring giving criminals hard punches by exposing them. 

At this point, let me state that in as much as I support the fight against crime and corruption, I do not support the use of torture on citizens in order to extract confessional statements from them. 

The sanctity of human life must be respected. But most unfortunately, our so called security and anti-corruption operatives do not accord such respect to Nigerians even when a suspect is presumed innocent, until proven otherwise. 

They shamelessly slaughter citizens of this country at any slightest excuse without reference to section 33(1) of the 1999 constitution which provides that:

“Every person has a right to life and no one shall be deprived intentionally of his life, save in execution of the sentence of a court in respect of a criminal offence of which he has been found guilty in Nigeria”.

Moving a step further, section 35(I) of the same constitution provides that:

“Every individual is entitled to respect for the dignity of his person, and accordingly, no person shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman and degrading treatment”.

Having laid the foundation of this piece let me therefore treat the story in detail.

According to a Press Release dated 10th June 2016 by the Spokesman of EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, the late Mr. Nunugwo fraudulently obtained the sum of N91 million naira from an acquaintance after he tricked her into believing that he had high net worth business Associates in Dubai, United Arab Emirate who were at the verge of buying Nicon Insurance, and thereafter convinced the said woman acquaintance of their disposition to help her stock-fish business”. 

EFCC spokesman (Uwujaren) continued, “Consequently, she wired N91 million into Desmond Nunugwo’s nominated account (Mainagge General Merchants) in Diamond Bank. 

After the transfer of the funds, Desmond   Nunugwo became evasive forcing the woman complainant to report the transaction to the EFCC. 

Nunugwo was arrested in Utako, Abuja at about 5:33pm on Thursday June 9, 2016. 

His Statement was taken, where he admitted receiving the money from the complainant, with the additional information that he transferred N30 million of the said money to Norway. 

But he could not explain the whereabouts of the balance of N61million. 

The suspect (Desmond) was detained at about 7:30pm, in the absence of anybody to take him on bail. 

Six hours later, he suddenly complained of discomfort and was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

Uwujaren added that the incident had been reported at the Wuse Police Station in Abuja where investigation has commenced.

From the above narrative of the shameless, bare-faced liar parading himself as the EFCC spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, it is convincingly obvious that the EFCC has fed the public with cooked up story. 

In simple English, the EFCC operatives have grossly abused the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by torturing a supposed suspect until he died in their custody.

In a bid to cover up their criminal conduct, they shamelessly fed the public with that trash of a Press Release.

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