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Ekiti Governorship Election: What Lesson For 2019? – NDSDM


On the 15-07-2018, the Niger Delta Self-Determination Movement (NDSDM) went into an emergency meeting to discuss the different and conflicting statements, election results, and confusing figures coming out of Ekiti State.

Coalition of Observer Groups and Civil Society Organisations that monitored the Ekiti governorship elections on Saturday the 14th of July, 2018, in its initial reaction have rejected the INEC’s result declaring All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate, Kayode Fayemi the winner of the governorship elections.

The coalition in its statement signed by Comrade Haruna Farouk and Nze Adachi Okoro said  ‘the elections does not reflect what they observed and that the group will come up with its true observations on the 18th July 2018 detailing the malpractice they observed on the 14th July.’

The coalition says “it is regrettable that INEC and the Security agencies could be used to short change the people of Ekiti State on the 14th of July 2018.”

The coalition claims “it has evidence  to show the election was massively rigged, describing it as ‘a sad moment for democracy in Nigeria’.”

The coalition states ‘there were election malpractices where a particular political party in connivance with security personnel, went about inducing electorates with cash and coercing them to snap ballot papers in return for cash gifts from the agents of the party in question.’

The coalition says that ‘the level of intimidation  on the 14th of July during the elections was disheartening. Should not be allowed to stand in 2018 Nigeria.

The coalition said it witnessed situation where loyalists and agents of PDP were harassed and intimidated so as to make it difficult for them to participate in the elections.’

The coalition says ‘their evidence will shock Nigerians and expose the conspiracy of INEC, Security agents and the APC to deprive the people of Ekiti their constitutional rights.’

The coalition further calls on the international community to condemn what it describes as political terrorism.

We of the NDSDM eagerly await the promised detailed report on Wednesday 18 from the Coalition of Election Observers and NGOs.

Convener of the Niger Delta Self-Determination Movement, NDSDM, Annkio Briggs

To us of the NDSDM, the report credited to the Coalition Of Independent Election Observers and Civil Society Organisations remain the single independent report, as these bodies can only be accorded the status of Independent Observers by INEC.

Their role and responsibility is to observe and monitor the processes and elections.

This report therefore gives us reason for serious concerns and worries. The report is not a PDP, APC, INEC or Police report but an independent report of various groups, bodies and organisations.

We are concerned and worried in the Niger Delta as our people prepare to exercise their civic duties to themselves to vote for a candidate of their choice at all levels of the elective positions in 2019.

The Ekiti elections demonstrates the destructive threat to our democracy we therefore will not ignore the report of the coalition of Independent Observers rather we must encourage the coalition to produce the more detailed report with the evidence they have promised to bring out on Wednesday 18th of July 2018.

Nigerians must not forget that Gov.  Fayose of Ekiti state is the Gov of Ekiti state until he hands over government to whoever in October 2018.

Gov. Fayose did not contest for the 2018 Ekiti State Governorship election rather his party PDP fielded a candidate Prof. Kolapo Olubunmi Olusola Eleka the incumbent Deputy Governor of Ekiti state.

The threats, and intimidation so far inflicted on Gov, Fayose, his family and the people of Ekiti state is a show of evil force to frighten, intimidate, oppress and terrorise the electorate of Niger Delta region.

While we will be cautious, we must not forget to tell ourselves that the Niger Delta region is not a conquered region, nor are the Niger Delta people a conquered people.

I will suggest that every Nigerian, especially Southern Nigeria states, particularly not of the incumbent government, should read the PRESS STATEMENT of Prof. Eleka, as he reacts to the elections of 14 July 2018 in Ekiti state.

NDSDM will continue to encourage the Ekiti state PDP to take up the matter at the election tribunal. Without credible elections we have no democracy.

The people will not trust or accept any electoral process that lacks credibility.

The NDSDM call on the Niger Delta States Governors and all politicians to note that the treatment unleashed on Gov Fayose before the elections when his constitutional immunity was bastardised, where Gov Fayose and his Deputy were physically and verbally assaulted, threatened and terrorised despite the so called immunity, is to intimidate other governors.

The report of the Coalition of Independent Election Observers and the danger it portends to our security, and development and future in the Niger Delta during the 2019 elections must not be ignored.

The stakes in the Niger Delta  are higher, our resources, lands, rights, and freedom are the targets these should agitate our minds and our understanding and reactions should be based on what is in our best interest and our future.

Less than 36 hours after the assault on the rights of Ekiti people to choose any of their preferred sons, and while the incumbent government of Gov Fayose and his deputy Prof Eleka still have 3 months in government the Ekiti state government anti-grazing law is already flaunted as promised before the election.

Elections and democracy is about the people and their rights, the July 2018 Ekiti State  governorship election was not about the people of Ekiti, it was about revenge, oppression, evil and good.

It is about taking Ekiti people’s land by force to give to strangers in the name of Nigeria.

We call on Ekiti people and the people of the south of Nigeria to drop the sentiments of political parties and concentrate on their rights to protect their ancestral homelands and the future of their children.

The NDSDM cautions the Peoples, Governors and politicians of the Niger Delta to very quickly learn from the bitter experiences of the Middle Belt the loss of their ancestral homelands and their rights to choose what is right for them, the Niger Delta should not disregard the painful price the Middle Belt have paid in the lives of their loved ones so far lost, due to their major resource, their fertile land.

The Niger Delta people should not be blinded by the narrative that we don’t have land mass, that we are not at risk.

We are at risk; our God given natural resources of oil and gas, etc. is just as critical to the land grabbers.

We owe our children a responsibility to note that the outcome of the 2019 elections is their inheritance.

We should ask ourselves:

What are the lessons of the Ekiti State elections?

What will be the outcome of the 2019 elections?

Will we participate in an election where the outcome is already decided?


Annkio Briggs



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