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Ekweremadu: Youths Are The problem With Nigeria

By klinsmann Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu

Hmmmm since I posted that what IPOB did to Ekweremadu is condemnable. A lot of youths have been attacking me both online and offline

But let the truth be told. Ekweremadu is not your problem.

Our youths are the problem. Yes I agree that many of our leaders are selfish and i have been condemning their selfishness but what of our youths, are they better?

Who were those collecting 500 naira during last election?

Who were those stealing ballot boxes?, who were those collecting 250 naira internet money to insult fellow youths on facebook? , who were those reading posts upside down and attacking another youth without reading the full post, most of them will not read this post to the end. Who were those spending money on BBM when they dont even have a job

Who were those asking me if I brought GULDER Beer during my PDP campaign without asking for my manifesto?

YPP is a party for the youths, why did you a youth collect money from Atiku and Buhari to vote for APC and PDP, are they better than Prof Moughalu? Look inwards and tell yourself this truth, can you swear they were better than Prof Moghalu who was the flag bearer of YPP( your constiuency party) . Never too young to run was a bill by the presidency, how many youths were given tickets by PDP and APC. Was any youth nominated by Buhari in this Ministerial list. Tony Nwoye and Daniel Onjeh were former youth presidents and they are in APC, were they nominated? Who will be your minister of Youth, some old man somewhere?

Those who live in glass houses dont throw stones. Kettle cannot call pot black

Yes our leaders have failed but Ekweremadu is not the symbol of that failure. Beating him up in Germany only showcase our stupidity

Go home and cry for yourselves oh youths. When I was your age I fought for myself and slept in police stations for your sakes, pls dont come here to castigate me.

If you want to start beating someone, pls start beating yourselves not Ekweremadu

How old was Enahoro when he moved motion for independence of Nigeria?, how old was Ojukwu when he declared Biafra and how old was Gowon when he became president, ask your parents, they were both under 30.

This is hard talk and i will serve it to you hot and cold. Youths are the problem of Nigeria. Your choices are very bad and that is why these old men took you for granted. Until you start making hard choices you will only end up beating old people in far away lands

Good night and God bless

Pharm ike klinsmann Ohamadike

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