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El-Rufai, Honour Maigwari Primary School Headmaster, Idris Khalid


This is for the Kaduna state governor, “Buldozer” Malam Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufai.

You have sacked over 21,000 Primary school teachers in November 2017 based on an incompetent Competency Test.

This has come to stay from all indications; you won’t reverse the decision despite all glaring facts that you were wrong. This is one of the many reasons why you seized to be my man anymore.

I wrote a 14 paged letter for you only to register my stance on your ill-timed resolve to sack those innocent teachers in the name of restructuring.

I will never support that action of mass sacking partly because of its nasty risks on the lives of the sacked teachers and for its clear-cut derailment from the path of social justice.

I warned you then that your action is tantamount to inflicting more agonies on the masses in addition to the already inflicted pains on them by some of your unfortunate policies. But you would never listen to such faithfully made advice.

Just as expected, the lives of many sacked teachers have been plunged to serious confusion as they battle and struggle to keep flesh and blood intact.

They suffer colossally in feeding their wards as initially they are low income earners that rely only on their monthly meager salary to sustain their commitments.

These people are helpless; they are dying on daily basis. Some of them cannot but explore unwholesome means of living to survive.

They have families; they have substantial number of dependants that they must provide for. They have no job now.

You “Buldozer” have meted a very painful stick on their necks. These families are already shattered. They have no more peace.

However, I took my time to review the efforts made by one of the victims of your wielding stick. He was a Headmaster at the prestigious Jibril Mai Gwari Primary School, Birnin Gwari. His name… Idris Khalid.

This young chap ought to be honored by the Kaduna state government for his stewardship while being the Headmaster of JMPS.

He has turned around the primary school and made sure that within his capacity, some infrastructures that are very essential for teaching became once again functional.

Malam Idris Khalid has used all within his dictates to prove to us that the basic infrastructures in our Primary Schools can become once more functional.

Idris Khalid was allotted funds by different sources and he judiciously used those funds in an accountable way.

Such was the display of prudence and good leadership lacking today in most of our political elites.

I therefore call on the Kaduna State government to honour Malam Idris Khalid, the immediate past Headmaster of Jibril Maigwari Primary School Birnin Gwari for his unbeatable records of excellence and stewardship so as to encourage others in doing same.

In his two years as the Headmaster, Malam Idris Khalid who started working with 33 Class Teachers and a total of 2070 pupils, met the school in a pathetic situation ranging from:

  • lack of desks and chairs for pupils in most of the classes which compelled them to sit and place their school materials on bare floor,
  • lack of hygienic toilets which compelled the pupils to defecate arbitrarily around the school compound,
  • lack of basic and essential teaching materials like chalks, blackboard, lack of ceilings,
  • no roofing in some classes,
  • lack of water provision in the school as the only well from which pupils and teachers get water has become a refuse dumping ground, as well as,
  • parents continued complaints about the drastic decline in the quality of their wards knowledge compared to other private primary schools.

These are some of the immediate challenges that Malam Idris Khalid has to address quickly. He made all efforts to arrest the ugly situation in  the school and he has succeeded in the following :

1- He has succeeded in unifying his class teachers and re-instilling the spirit of teaching in them. He personally monitored and supervised their teachings and advised them on where they are found wanting so as to effect a professional change.

This was made possible through regular In-House Workshops he organised aimed at improving the skills of his teachers and through periodic Professional Development Meeting (PDM).

2- Collaborating with the Parents Teachers Association  (PTA) and School Board Management Committee (SBMC), Malam Idris Khalid has extended his professional guidance and counselling to the community regarding the need on them to play the role of ensuring their children do attend the school at as when due, and to check the possibility of some delinquent tendencies among their children.

This is with a view to ensuring that no child gets spoilt externally and internally.

3 – Malam Idris Khalid, in his resolve to help the government bridge the gap of teachers in the already over populated school, invited the volunteer services of some of his NCE/DLS students to come to JMPS and render teaching services.

This has tremendously helped smoothen the system. The pupils were never left to suffer because of the apparent failure of Kaduna State government to recruit good and enough teachers.

Idris Khalid used to support those volunteer teachers with a small token from his pockets so as to ensure continuity.

4- He has significantly helped in mobilising organizations like Freehearts African Reach-Out Foundation (FAROF) to give scholarship and related academic assistance to the less privileged pupils.

FAROF has donated chairs, textbooks and chalkboard for three classes at JMPS courtesy of Idris Khalid bearing.

5 – Malam Idirs Khalid has overseen the complete renovation of floors in the whole classes of the primary school.

That was really through the sponsorship of the Global Partnership in Education (GPE) and the Nigerian Partnership in Education Project (NIPEP) in 2017/2017.

Still through funds donated by these two organizations, the headmastership of Idris Khalid has fixed all Chalkboards in all the classes of the school.

GEP/NIPEP have also fixed all broken windows/doors of all classes and changed some destroyed ones with new ones. All these were supervised and overseen under the prudent leadership of Bulldozer Idris Khalid.

The shattered roofs of all classes in the school have also been renovated by GEP/NIPEP under the watch and supervision of Idris Khalid

6 – The pupils for the Early Child Care Education (ECCE) have also enjoyed from the succulent fruits of Idris Khalid’s prudent and accountable headmastership, as their classes have been provide with strong and enough plastic chairs and well equipped with toys and related teaching aids.

Idris Khalid, being him a hygienic man, has ensured that hygiene of the school compound was given a prime importance. This is with a view to curbing any disease outbreak or infection between and among his endeared pupils.

He was lucky to have gotten the government’s attention when it procured desks and chairs for some Primary schools in the state.

JMPS received a total of 168 two-seater chairs. About 8 classes have benefitted from these desks.

Still under his watch, the school has received some Sports Equipments from the Presidency through the National Lottery Trust Fund.

It is evident that under Malam Idris Khalid there was a stupendous improvements in the quality of teaching by his teaming class teachers, a development that saw a number of students from Private schools trouping to be enrolled at JMPS.

This is proved because him and all his class teachers have been in Teachers Development Programme in the school and they sacrifice faithfully to implement all wholesome and professional lines for teaching while maintaining and ensuring ethical values among their pupils.

The Emir of Birnin Gwari was highly impressed by the headmastership of Malam Idrsi Khalid and the resilient commitment of all his Class teachers in doing their primary assignments during a working visit he paid in 2016.

Malam Idris Khalid was retrenched by the Kaduna State government despite all these achievements for his ability to score 73% in the Competency Test, as against the 75% pass mark imposed by the Kaduna state government.

He was placed on compulsory retirement.

He left the primary school on 2/2/2018 leaving the school with a total of 2263 pupils and only 9 Class teachers comprising 4 Class Teachers for Western Education and 5 teachers for Arabic.

He and at least 34 other class teachers have been sent away by the Kaduna state government.

They were sacked even though all of them have obtained either NCE, B.Ed or even M.Ed., except two Arabic teachers with HIS.

By Isah Muhammad Galadima

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