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El’Rufai is a workaholic; I wonder if the man sleeps – Hon Idris


In this interview, Hon. Abdulwahab Idris [above], Deputy Majority Leader, House Committee Chairman on Rules and Business speaks on Kaduna State and Governor El-Rufai.

Pix: Hon. Abdulwahab Idris, Kurmin Kogi

Hon. Abdulwahab Idris is Deputy Majority Leader, House Committee Chairman on Rules and Business and Member representing Ikara Constituency at Kaduna House of Assembly. 

In this interview he expressed unhappiness on how tomato is being processes in his area and described Governor El’Rufai as Messiah people are looking for. 


Are you satisfied with the level of progress of tomato processing carryout by Ikara Food Processing Company in your country home?

Idris: Definitely I am not satisfied with the level of progress been recorded by Ikara Food Processing Company. This is because the present owners of the company are not doing what they are supposed to do. In terms of recruitment of workers, in terms of finding the tomato products from the farmers, in terms of supplying the variety of seeds for the farming season, in terms of production of tomato paste.

So you mean that the report indicating that the company did not buy the products from the farmers until when its market becomes cheaper is true?

Idris: Not even buying the products in cheaper price; the so called present owners of the company last year assembled the major tomato farmers, give them fake seeds, fake promises that if they plant the tomato they will buy from them. They planted the tomato upon all hardship, when they brought it to the company, they said they are not ready. Therefore, they sold it at other places like Lagos and other major cities in the country. And to add salt to injury, the seeds given by the company most of it could not germinate which means they supply our farmers with rotten seed. The other aspect has to do with manpower, where they are doing what we called skeleton production; they employ workers on casual basis, which is not supposed to be that way. As member representing the area, I am yet to be contacted or consulted; nothing like that. I just heard from my constituents that they employed casual workers paying them N300.00 per day. This frustrated the farmers in such way that they must sell the products at cheaper price to them.

Is there any plan you are making to see that government processes Sugarcane and boost rice farming in not only to acquired sound revenue or food production but to create more jobs to the teeming youth in the area?

Idris:  In fact, the constituency I come from lies in the belt of sugarcane production. And currently this present administration is trying to indigenize sugar production, rice production so that we could be self-satisfying, not importing all these things that we can produce within our area. I am happy to inform you that His Excellency, Mallam Nasiru Ahmad El’Rufai is pumping lots of money to make sure indigenes produce sugarcane and is going to erect a new model computerized sugarcane production company within the area. 

How do you see the administration of Governor El’Rufai to the yearning of common man?

Idris: Excellent! Excellent! Now, just take one sector primary school education. The primary school enrollment last year is below the standard. What I mean you will go to a school you will not see anybody, there will no teacher, and no pupils but now because His Excellency introduces the free feeding education system, now go and see the number of pupils in each primary school.

Unlike before when Kaduna State House of Assembly is using motions/bills made by members to better the people, today analysts are surprised to see that you only care about executive bills and leaving that of your colleagues to rot in dustbin.

Idris:  No, you see the present government, if you look at the executive arm presided over by His Excellency Mallam Nasiru Ahmad El’Rufai, a purposeful and energetic person, who want not only to remodel Kaduna state to a good standard but a good taste. He is a workaholic to the extent that even before members present one bill, there are 10-15 bills from him. So it is our negligence; the governor is ahead of everybody. I even wonder if he sleeps at the night; he works 24 hours, that is why you see the executive bills are more than that of members.

What efforts are you making to see that government gives good attention to commercial road that is linking the state with Kano, I mean Ikara-Saya-Saya-Pala road?

Idris:  You see, I am happy about this question. God has given Kaduna State the Messiah in terms of rural transformation, human development, you can name it. The road that will link Ikara to Anchau viz-a-viz Ikara, Saya saya, Bareda, Pala, Gidege finally Anchau is very very economical to the development of not only my area but as you mention the state and its neighbors. And it is in the pipeline,not even recondition but dualization. By the time the government construct the road it is going to pass all the places I mention to you. And the work will commence this year.

Do you have any call to your people on peaceful coexistence?

Idris:  Of course yes. I am urging my constituents to leave peacefully harmoniously with one another. Because you cannot achieve any meaningful development without peace, and this peace is the task of everybody to maintain. And in the life of current insecurity in the country generally I urge my people and the state in general to monitor who are the new migrants or people coming to their domains; if you see anything contrary you should report the person to appropriate security agencies.

 Bello Ahmadu Alkammawa

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