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El-Rufai Snubs Osinbajo, Invites Obasanjo For Kaduna Trade Fair


Reports explained why Kaduna State governor, El-Rufai invited ex-President Obasanjo for a one day working visit to the state instead of Osinbajo

Reports at the disposal of Elombah.com have shed more light why Kaduna State governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai invited former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for a one day working visit to the state.

According to the report, the Kaduna State governor technically snubbed Acting President Yemi Osinbajo.

El-Rufai would have naturally gone for President Muhammadu Buhari who, unfortunately, is away on an indefinite sick leave in faraway United Kingdom.

Due to reported resentment on the part of Governor El-Rufai against Osinbajo, the former, in a show of disdain, went for his former boss, the Otta farmer.

El-Rufai has been features in many reports, both online and in prints, as usurping the role of Osinbajo while Buhari was at the helm of affairs.

Some even went as far as calling him “the unofficial real Vice President”.

There continued to be indications that there is a cold war between El-Rufai and Osinbajo in the presidency. 

The presidency, once in a face saving precarious situation, published pictures of El-Rufai and Osinbajo with a loud banner announcing that there is no rift between the duo.


Sources close to the presidency, however, say that a rift of power exists between an elected member of Buhari’s cabinet, Osinbajo, and an unofficial member, El-Rufai.

The sources, specifically speaking about the unhealthy power tussle, referred to a case when the governor insulted the vice president at a meeting at the presidential villa, Aso Rock.

In reaction to the insult, Osinbajo rebuked El-Rufai and walked out of the meeting, which President Buhari was reportedly presiding.

Anonymous sources within the Buhari administration told reporters that Buhari prefers to have ‘a fellow Northerner’ as his right-hand man.

The sources allege that Buhari did the same as the military head of state, adding that the president is uneasy with Prof Osinbajo who has been tagged “Tinubu’s boy”.

They claim that if it were in the powers of the president to appoint a vice, then certainly he would not have picked the professor as his running mate.

There are various online reports and speculations that Osinbajo is not regarded by El-Rufai and many other northerners within Buhari’s adhoc cabinet. 

They believe that the vice president is ‘just a puppet in Tinubu’s hands’.

After the 2015 election, Femi Aribisala, a scholar and international affairs expert, predicted on Twitter that when critical decisions are to be taken, “Osinbajo would be sent to go and buy “guguru and epa””.

The prediction proved prescient as the vice president was barred from attending a national security briefing on the grounds that he did not have security clearance. 

“But who can have more clearance than a man elected by the people? How did Buhari himself get his? Aribisala asked.

Sometime later, the vice president was again publicly embarrassed when armed men shut down the Aso Rock Chapel, preventing him from worshiping there.

The governor, however, defended the action, stating that the churches were shut down in order to guide against violence among factions of the congregations whose leaderships’ positions sees as “principally to preserve their personal interests with little concern for the common good, and the peace and security of Kaduna state”.

While all the horse-trading was going on, Obasanjo maintained a low profile while El-Rufai would be seen exchanging ideas with Buhari.

In an earlier report, Elombah.com had shown in pictures former President Obasanjo arriving the Kaduna International Airport on a one day working visit to the state.

Elombah.com gathered that Obasanjo is also slated to chair event at the Kaduna 38th International Trade Fair which is due to kick off.

The Trade Fair was organised by the Kaduna Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture.

Chief Obasanjo was seen being welcomed at the airport by the Kaduna State governor, Mallam El-Rufai.

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