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Election Boycott, Biafra Referendum, Onnoghen’s Suspension & Buhari’s Despicable Leadership

By C. K. Ekeke


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Monday, January 28, 2019 announced the long awaited date that it will conduct a referendum for a sovereign state of Biafra on February 16, 2019. The proposed Biafra referendum will take place on the same day Nigerian presidential and national assembly elections are scheduled to hold. The announcement was made by Mr. Emma Powerful – IPOB spokesman and media publicity secretary.

The modality of Biafra referendum is still being worked out.  Last year, IPOB leadership disclosed that they had printed 40 million referendum ballot papers.  Currently, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who relocated from the Holy Land of Israel to London, United Kingdom this past weekend is meeting with senior leadership of IPOB to work out the modality for Biafra referendum.

This is quite an exciting and great news.  In fact, this is a historic news. It is time all true and genuine Biafrans unite to free themselves from the shackles of oppression and satanic bondage that was imposed upon them by a combined forces of Hausa-Fulani Caliphate, Yoruba Oligarchy and their colonial master – British government and their oil conglomerates for over 100 years now.

This is going to be a tough and long battle, but Biafra will surely prevail.  This is a life-and-death issue.  The systemic injustice and marginalization in which the peoples of Biafra were subjected into must be over this time.

I was seventeen years old when I knew that something was fundamentally wrong with Nigeria. The story of that awareness is documented in detail in my book entitled: “The Problem with Nigeria—The Reasons Why Nigeria Continues to Flounder,” which has been put on hold for now but will be published later for posterity.

During that period, I didn’t want to continue to live one more day in Nigeria.  That was in the 1980’s – things were still better then than it is now.  Today, Nigeria is a hellfire compared to that time.

So, out frustration, I headed out to Europe for my university education and have remained in the West since then apart from times I visit to see family and relatives.

During all these years while studying, working and living in the West, I had nursed the feelings of returning to Nigeria but the more I see the state of lawlessness, pandemic poverty and depth of degradation of the Nigerian society which is purposely caused by a group of selfish, greedy, cultic and cowardly political class, as well as political muddle and danger of serving, living or doing business in  Nigeria, I decided to settle in the West unless Nigeria disintegrates into three or six nations in order that the variant groups and indigenous peoples that were coerced to form the monumental fraud called Nigeria can go their separate ways.

I have read, studied and written abundantly about Nigeria and her military and political governance since Nigeria got her independence.  I can say without any hesitation that Nigeria is a failed experiment of the British.  Nigeria has degenerated beyond repair and has become a place of hopelessness and misery, a pit of darkness and death.

The best thing that Britain and global powers must do now is to peacefully divide this evil and hostile contraption called Nigeria into three or six nation States to avert an unavoidable civil unrest, bloody violence and ultimately uncontrollable war breakout out that will inevitably be unleashed all over Africa.

Today, Nigeria is an embarrassment and a total disappointment to Africa and Black Race.  It has degenerated beyond fix.  It must disintegrate.

I finally gave up on Nigeria in 2015 when a man – a well-known brutal military dictator and war criminal – General Muhammadu Buhari – a Fulani jihadist, who committed treason when he carried out  a coup d’état by overthrowing a democratic elected government of the late Alhaji Shehu Shagari and late Dr. Alex Ekwueme in 1983.

This is a man without any sound education, required qualification to be president and any iota of democratic understanding but was foolishly selected and imposed as president to lead a democratic Nigeria in the 21st century.  A man who supposed to be in prison for treason and war crimes.

During his two-year military regime from 1984 to 1985, darkness fell over Nigeria. Nigerian people suffered not just untold economic crisis of the worst kind but his “war against indiscipline” just like his “change mantra” today, was torturing psychologically, emotionally, mentally and otherwise.

Men and women – young and old were flogged for flimsy reasons such as crossing the streets without queuing in line.  Nigerians suffered all kinds of torture and humiliation.

Many vibrant and young Igbo business men were mercilessly killed by hanging or firing squad for false and unsubstantiated accusations of drug peddling.  There was social apathy and citizens were abused and treated like animals living in the zoo and uncivilized and primitive times.  It was simply horrible.

Thirty years later, after contesting for the presidency for the 4th time, was imposed to lead a democratic Nigerian in this 21st century.  In this high tech century where nations are electing visionaries, savvy and quality people to lead their nations and peoples; when nations are educating, training and developing their young generations to explore the moon, mars and other planets – Nigerians handed over or allowed an uneducated ethnic bigot and Fulani jihadist to become their president.

In the past three years, we have seen no good thing from this president but poverty, hunger, suicides, deaths, and massacres of innocent citizens especially the Shiites Muslims and young Biafran people seeking for freedom from a country that done no good to them but strangulate their potential.

Fulani herdsmen are taking over the Middle Belt region in other for this Usman dan Fodio disciple to complete their satanic Sokoto Caliphate agenda to Islamize the entire country.

In the last three years, we have read and seen all kinds of corruption around him, the warped ideas of his government, his lopsided appointments, shielding of profusely corrupt politicians who are his friends and family members, the appointment of his niece, Amina Zakari to head INEC collation center for the 2019 presidential elections, the appointment of another Fulani – Abubakar Adamu Mohammed to replace the retiring Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris and recently the illegal and unconstitutional suspension of Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Justice Onnoghen and appointment of another Fulani, Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed as the new acting CJN, who may do his bidding in the forth-coming presidential election.

Not to forget the uncivilized and primitive laws including grazing law and creating of cattle colony all over the country.  What a shame!

I knew that Nigeria is finished and that most of those who identify themselves as Nigerians are nothing but cowards and fools when they allowed Buhari to be selected and imposed upon the country as president in 2015.  I could not believe it.

Off-course so many of us wrote and fought against it, but the ex-president of U.S., Barack Hussein Obama supported by former British Prime Minister – David Cameron had the power to impose this unprepared Muslim tyrant to lead Nigeria in 21st century.  What a travesty!

Nigeria having the most coward citizenry on the planet probably due to ethnic hatred and divide, language and religious differences among the major tribes allowed such incoherent and unqualified man to lead them.

Today, everyone has seen that Buhari has not changed and his deceptive change mantra was simply to conquer and Islamize the country. Yet, today, some gullible Nigerians and selfish political class continue to talk about One-Nigeria and unity – which do not exist, a myth that can never be and will never be.

A careful observer of the political trends and the state of things since Nigeria returned to democratic presidential system of governance in 1999 and especially, the last three years, will conclude without any hesitation that Nigeria is an embarrassment and a complete disappointment to Africa and Black people worldwide.

All we have seen in the last three years are extreme poverty, hunger, suffering, misery, as well as killings and massacres by Fulani herdsmen.  Fulani herdsmen are rampaging everywhere – kidnapping and killing people with impunity and no one does anything.  Simply, ethnic genocide and war of conquest are going on in Nigeria today.

Yet, we have people who call themselves leaders, elites and elders – not to mention the ignorant pastors and fake clergy men who are preaching death and bondage rather than freedom that Jesus Christ – whom they follow died for.

Jesus Christ is the greatest freedom fighter that has ever lived.  Yet, those who preach his life-saving gospel – teach and preach nonsense – essentially false gospel.  I’m always amused whenever these gangsters and hooligans call themselves leaders.  I wish they knew what it means to be a leader and what leadership truly means.

In fact, I have reached the conclusion that Nigeria is cursed because of the amalgamation of variant groups of people who have vast and distinct social, cultural, linguistic, economic, political and religious differences to form one country.

This is a union filled with satanic hatred, evil jealousy, enormous strife and hostility, killings and ethnic genocide.  This curse has been perpetuated by satanic churches and fake pastors that dot the entire territory especially in West and SE/SS regions of Nigeria.  God of heaven will never bless such a union, marriage and amalgamation!

President Buhari is a disaster. His autocratic, tyrannical and despicable presidency must be stopped now. He and his Fulani herdsmen, and Boko haram terrorist military are not bigger than 200 million people currently trapped in the bondage of hell.

It is time for people to rise up and fight for their freedom.  Buhari and his Fulani terrorists must be stopped before he throws the entire country into uncontrollable war that will erupt to consume everyone. This is not 1967.  This is 2019.

As far as the 2019 election boycott ordered by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra – Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is concerned, I support that order 100%.  I’m even elated by the announcement of the date for Biafra referendum.

There are probably hundreds of reasons why the 2019 presidential election should be boycotted all Biafran people in Biafra land and beyond as well as any reasonable and right thinking Nigerian.

I’ll briefly state eight reasons to the keep this piece brief.

  1. Terrorists don’t vote. The myopic, selfish and coward Ohaneze along with a cultic coward Igbo Governors teamed up with the Buhari tyrannical and terrorist government to proscribe the honorable and divine activities of IPOB and ultimately tagged Biafran nation terrorist.  So, terrorists don’t vote.
  2. No date for Biafra referendum by FG, no election by Biafra people. The date for Biafra referendum was asked by IPOB since 2017. It is nearing two years now.  If the Federal Government cannot fulfill a basic form of settling disputes in democratic and civilized societies by granting a date for Biafrans to decide their fate in the evil and satanic contraption they found themselves for over 100 years now, why continue to vote for continued injustice, subjugation, marginalization, oppression, bondage, captivity and islamization.

No date for referendum – no voting in Biafra land by all genuine Biafrans.  Instead, Biafrans will sit-at-home – if that will be the means that will ultimately be decided by IPOB leadership for Biafra referendum.

  1. Presidential election is already rigged. Ekiti, Edo, Anambra, and others are few examples.  Your voting will not change anything.  See his recent appointments – new AIG, new CJN, and INEC head collection officer – the list goes on.

Today, the country is ruled and governed by military dictators and political gangsters that have denied the people of Nigeria security, order, peace and basic necessities of livelihood.   Since independence, Nigeria has had a military dictatorship, political hypocrisy, idolatrous religious system, and extravagantly indulgent corrupt judicial system that oppressed the poor, children and minority members of the contraption called Nigeria.

In a nutshell, Nigerian rulers have failed to fulfill the basic obligations of leading a nation and its people. Today, the man presiding over the affairs of Nigeria is an evil tyrant, clannish and nepotistic dictator.

  1. Why continue to waste your time to vote a very wicked and selfish Igbo political gangsters as your leaders. The current southeast Governors are the worst that has even befallen the Southeast region. They are a collection of a cultic and cowardly group of people. They are a curse to our people and region.  Men without any honor and integrity. Posterity will treat them like the saboteurs and cowards that they are.  They and Ohaneze have destroyed our people and land. It will take mass action and revolution to flush out these gangsters and cleanse our land from the damage that these selfish political criminals have done to the land and people.
  2. Biafrans are not Nigeria. Biafra was in existence before Nigeria was came into existence.  There was no one called Nigeria in the eighteen and early nineteenth centuries and Biafra was already existing then, Biafra is simply a nation trapped in a place of darkness called Nigeria today. Biafrans are not Nigerians and should never vote again in Nigeria elections.
  3. Buhari’s lopsided appointment and Southeast people exclusion from his government – because we are not one. We are third-class citizen, we conquered people, and we are slaves.  Why should we vote?  We are salves and conquered people.  Our vote will not and never count any ways. We are slaves because Ohaneze that claim to represent the interest of Ndigbo in Nigeria are always begging to be president of Nigeria.
  4. Biafran land is under serious occupation and worst marginalization in human history. Why continue to vote for your bondage. Look at your land and people today.  Your industries, factories, companies, businesses, productivity, innovation, enterprising spirit, etc., have been destroyed by Nigeria.  Just look at your land today.  There is no single thing that shows that you are part of Nigeria.

The Nigerian evil laws and policies law compel you to be a trader, or a bus driver, or a kidnapper, a criminal, or go into captivity – unless you move to Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, etc. or change your name in order to fit in Yoruba land or North.  Aren’t we tired of living in captivity?  Almost one-fifth Biafra population reside outside their region Southeast.

There is no country on the planet, you’ll not find large populations of Igbos there.  That is also a curse.  The Israelites were cursed, punished and sent into captivity on several occasions in the Bible until God will send a prophet to liberate them. The Igbos are under a curse and God has sent a man and group of genuine Biafrans to liberate you and your land from that curse.

  1. The identity of the man in Aso Rock is suspicious. Is the man occupying Nigeria’s seat of power in Aso Rock today really the Muhammadu Buhari who was imposed as president in 2015? Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – the great Biafra leader and servant of Most High God has done several broadcasts from the Holy land of Israel – designed to expose the imposter who parades himself and pretends to be President Muhammadu Buhari.

He had given at-least fifty distinct physical characteristics and scientific evidences to proof that the man in Aso Rock is not Muhammadu Buhari but Al Sudan Aminu from Sudan. Why is it that Nigerian lawyers, judges, journalists, writers, opinion molders, civil right groups, intellectual community, politicians, royal kings, clergymen, statesmen, elders, etc. are not questioning the identify of their president who was declared to have died on January 27, 2017 and buried in Saudi Arabia.

Why can’t Nigerian authorities interrogate the Sudanese and Saudi Arabia government about the fraud and deception going on in the so-called Giant of Africa.

Recently a bunch of selfish and self-appointed Ohaneze Youths gathered before an imposter President of Nigeria promising to support him for 2019 in return that he will hand over the 2023 presidency to an Igbo man. Ndigbo are always begging to be president of Nigeria.

Why do you have to beg the illiterate and uncircumcised Fulani terrorists to be president of Nigeria? Isn’t that ridiculous that you beg to lead a nation in which you were born into and are a potential part of and even your land produces the 85% of the revenue and wealth that sustain the entire country.

Isn’t that foolish and stupid. Ohaneze Ndigbo must be ashamed of themselves. Ohaneze must wake up from their stupidity, cowardice, mental slumber and slavery! Unfortunately, Ohaneze and Igbo political efulefus must be dreaming because Nigeria is not going to allow an Igbo to be president of Nigeria because you are not Nigerians but Biafrans. An Igbo will never be Nigeria’s president.

The Atiku/Obi ticket is a mere propaganda to get you to get out and vote.  It’s only fools will fall for that trick and hypocrisy.  By the way, Atiku destroyed your businesses when he was head of the NPA Lagos and owns most of the oil wells and gas pipelines in my land till today.  Peter Obi despite his education and superb professional experience lacked the courage to lead.

He is a wimp because during his tenure as Anambra State Governor, MASSOB young Biafrans were massacred like chickens like what’s happening to IPOB Biafrans today.  Who will forget the Oji River during his time or Biafra Youths forced to drink mud water?  Nigeria and her political criminals are evil and hell-fire awaits each and every one of them.

Peer Obi is a Nigerian and does not believe in Biafra.  How can such a man help Biafra cause.  In fact, it is better Biafrans sit-at-home that election day because of Obi’s one-Nigeria stupidity and coward leadership.  This is a man who built the biggest Mall in Nigeria at Abuja. What an act of stupidity and foolishness.

For all those who continue to write nonsense and plead with IPOB to reason about their stance, I wonder if such people have conscience at all.  Do these people read and reason at all.  Have they read the 1999 constitution?  How can anyone be talking about presidential election when Nigeria is operating a military-Islamic constitution.

Sharia is supreme and above the 1999 constitution. Why continue to vote misery, marginalization, bondage, captivity, and islamization agenda?  Why continue to vote poverty, hunger, death and genocide?  Isn’t time for our people to free themselves from all these evil atrocities?  Voting is your right and civic duty and people have the right to withhold their duty and right.

The man in Aso Rock – whether he is Buhari or Jubril from Sudan aided by Fulani cabals is an evil and wicked Fulani jihadist ruler – an ardent promoter of Sharia and total islamization of Nigeria – a true disciple of Usman dan Fodio, who founded the Sokoto Caliphate that controls and rules Nigeria today with impunity.

Those who still consider themselves Nigerians must muster the courage to flush out these undemocratic religious zealots and Jihadist islamization agenda, or else Nigeria will never see any genuine development and progress.

Finally, let us stop deceiving ourselves of One-Nigeria. It does not exist and will never exist as long as we allow these ethnocidists, jihadists and Sokoto Caliphate to continue to rule over you.

May Biafra come quickly! Amen.

C. K. Ekeke

Author, Consultant & Leadership Lecturer

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