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Electricity: IBEDC and Corruption – Data Gathering [Phase II]

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When I spoke to the BM on Tuesday, he conveniently denied that customers were being billed beyond the limits of reason. He said that it was impossible for me to not use up to what they estimate. 

Of course he was wrong. If the CBN estimates how much each Nigerian must have based on how much money it releases, you and I will be a rich lot, millionaires, won’t we? On paper of course.

He then indignantly told me that he had 86, 000 customers (in the Sagamu Business Hub) and I was only one of them. And how right he was. Each time I go to pay my bills, I see people grumbling bitterly, old people especially. Market women and craftsmen also use electricity, they also pay bills. Who is going to speak for them? That is my present concern!

These people do not know to write letters, and those who have managed to are often told to go and pay anyway. They are not less Nigerian, they are not less human. Perhaps their only fault was watching silently as fixed charges and estimates crept onto their bills, and continue to. But now they have us. They have you.

In this phase, we shall be collecting data and uniting them, now that we have the ears of NERC. To fight corruption, we must fight extortion, and we must with facts and figures. Verifiable data is our strongest weapon, and is our only way of arming NERC to fight for us. 

We sure cannot continue in silence!

Kindly send CLEAR pictures of three of your most recent bills (preferably, but NOT compulsorily, October, September, August) as mail attachments to authorayk@gmail.com. You MAY rename the pictures with your name and phone number and the month of the bill captured; e.g. “AYOKUNLE ADELEYE 09051303828 Oct” for ease of recognition and collation. Your mail must bear the title “IBEDC” for recognition, and contact details for follow up; e.g. mail subject: “IBEDC AYOKUNLE ADELEYE 09051303828”.

This offer extends to family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances and strangers. This offer extends to everyone that has estimated electricity bills. This offer is FREE! You may send data on behalf of these people with THEIR contact details attached for follow up. The more consumer data we have, the stronger we will be.

That BM was wrong after all: I might have been just one customer in person, but I am not one customer in this plight; this is our plight, and I have you! Thank you for associating with this cause. Thank you for taking up this humanitarian endeavour! Thank you for having my back! GOD bless you!

Ayokunle Ayk Adeleye writes from Sagamu. He considers himself a peace-loving Nigerian who stands for what is right.

PS: Kindly share to continue our sensitisation.

PPS: Kindly send ENQUIRIES and suggestions (but NOT DATA) to Whatsapp: 08068619636, OR the Facebook message inbox of Ayokunle Ayk Adeleye.

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