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Embassy of Nigeria in Ghana demolished [video]


The attached video shows how the Embassy of Nigeria in Ghana was demolished by an unknown businessman.

According to available report, the businessman claims that the Embassy building is on his land.

He reportedly attacked the Embassy parameters of the fence unchallenged the first time.

He would later return with a bulldozer and pull the building down in toto.

Watch video:

[VIDEO] Nigeria Embassy Building in Ghana demolished by an unknown businessman, who claims the building is on his land.

[VIDEO] #Nigeria #Embassy Building in #Ghana demolished by an unknown businessman, who claims the building is on his land.WHAT IS YOUR OPINION????

Posted by Nija Eye on Saturday, June 20, 2020

ElombahNews had, on December 31, 2019, reported that a diplomatic row is brewing between Nigeria and Ghana over same Embassy building.

That was as a result of the Nigeria High Commission being forcefully evicted from its diplomatic property in Accra, the country’s capital.

The property located at No.10 Barnes Road, Accra, was reportedly reallocated to Amaco Microfinance since 26 August, 2019.

The reallocation was done by Ghana’s Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.

It was reportedly done with the consent of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.

Nigeria High Commissioner to Ghana, Michael Olufemi Abikoye, had reacted in a statement dated 31st December, 2019.

According to the High Commissioner, a terse letter dated 27th December, 2019, was received from Solicitors acting on behalf of Amaco Microfinance Company Limited, Accra.

The High Commission was given instructions to vacate it’s diplomatic property located at No.10 Barnes Road, Accra.

The letter further stressed that; failure to comply within stipulated time will lead to depositing the Mission’s belongings at the nearest Accra police station.

Giving the latest update on the property, Amb Abikoye said:

“As at 31st December, 2019, the property has been broken into by the company and is being ransacked with the likelihood of being effectively occupied.”

The High Commissioner said the letter is coming following the continuous violation of the diplomatic property and a formal notification that it has been reallocated to the Microfinance.

Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims that Nigerian Government failed to renew the property following expiration.

Thus, “the property reverted to the state in compliance with Article 258 of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution.”

However, Amb Abikoye expressed surprise that the reallocation was done ” without recourse to to the High Commission”.

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