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Emeka Ihedioha’s sack and Mbaka’s prophesy

By Odumodu Gbulagu

The reason why our politicians have kept impoverishing us is because they know that greater majority of us are very gullible.

They have studied the psyche of an average Nigerian and know our sentiments and that’s why they use it against us all the time.

Some of Our main sentiments in Nigeria are: Religion, tribalism and ethnicity.

Reactions of Nigerians on getting the news of Ihedioha’s sack only showed me one thing and that’s that most Nigerians, especially those who think themselves educated, doesn’t know anything about what goes on in Nigeria and can’t even see the handwriting on the wall.

It shows many of us are daft.

Keen political watchers knows that tyrant Buhari whom senseless Nigerians see as a converted democrat grabs everything by force.

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka

The APC needed a state in the Southeast at all cost, as it’s very strategic to their plans, and when they couldn’t get it, they staged a coup through the judiciary.

These evil bunch knew they were not accepted anywhere in the southeast, and that was why during the general elections, all the Southeast governors were compelled to give Buhari a certain percentage of vote in their various states . They needed to use it to show that they were gaining acceptance in the Southeast, whereas practically, there were still being despised by the Igbos.

In their trying to push this narrative, they had to use Ejike Mbaka, and that’s where the religious sentiment comes into play. Both Nigerians Christians and Muslims madly believe in prophecies over common sense, hence the reason for the proliferation of churches and mosques, while the country is getting worse.

Mbaka was tipped off of the grand plot as a card carrying member of the APC and because the gullible will believe it was the Holy Spirit that directed him, and which will in turn boost his patronage, he dived at the offer. This is actually why even the Muslims and the Christians are now calling him a real man of God.

Meanwhile, there was actually another ploy to appease Rochas who nearly spilled a bean about the present state of Nigeria and how it’s constituted. The result was this daylight robbery.

The narrative of Uzodimma getting all the cancelled votes is very watery, but they must have to push it hard so that the gullible will buy it. A look at the way they are churning out justifications on the internet will testify to this.

This didn’t come as a surprise to me because I had always known Buhari and his ways of doing everything with impunity. The only thing that surprised me is how Bishop Onaga of Enugu diocese has failed to call his priest to order. Is Mbaka now above the Church?

The masses and especially the PDP should take a cue from this incident, as they have finalized their plans to take over Anambra state at all cost. They had been eyeing Anambra as they know it’s the most strategic state in the Southeast. Any little slip from the masses and the PDP, they will take the state.

Remember they signed a pact with Governor Willie Obiano for his 21/21 victory and he’s poised to hand over to them so he can escape justice?

Anarchy is reigning supreme in Nigeria of today!

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