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Emeka Ugwuonye made enemies of demons and men

By Dr Gwon G Wolo


The Emeka Ugwuonye Situation by Dr Gwon G Wolo

The Founder and CEO of Due Process Advocates International Foundation (DPA), Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye has been in Kuje Medium security Prison for 11 months, detained on false and fabricated murder and armed-robbery charges, that were calculated to suppress disclosure of gross and systemic human rights abuses by the Nigerian police.

A prudent man is advised to not have more enemies than he could handle at any point in time.

Nothing wrong with having enemies, just don’t exceed your capacity. Once that capacity is reached, make peace with old enemies before adding new ones.

Emeka made enemies of demons and men. He fought with everyone including himself. He fought with Nigerian Bar Association, EFCC, Nigerian Police, Nigerian Embassy in USA and he had few friends and he made old and new enemies not counting their numbers.

Still Emeka deserves better than he is getting in Nigeria including the Court of Public Opinion.

Some believe that pressing for formal trial at this time, as should be the case, may be dicey. The entire situation is biased against him and he will not get fair trial nor fair sentencing.

Those calling for Emeka’s trial should know that Nigerian Judiciary has lost the capacity for justice under Buhari. It is better to wait for saner times.

Let the evidence be tested by time a bit. Let’s have a non-Igbophobe or better, an Igbophile, in Aso Rock. Let’s allow the battered Nigerian judiciary to regain her lost, if not, her abandoned conscience. Most assuredly, the powers that be have given orders to lock him up and throw away the keys. He is a political prisoner with criminal charges on his head.

I have not seen the criminal charges against him so I do not have the facts to comment on their merits. I join in calling for his release because Nigerian police is deeply rotten and anyone who has had a run in with them know that it is a den of corrupt people. Many question the veracity of any statement coming out of the Nigerian Police because that outfit evidently lacks the capacity for truthfulness.

But there is a reason why the Nigerian civil rights community is tepid in Emeka’s situation. They are afraid that they could be bitten by the very object of their rescue effort. Still it should unsettle any good conscience whenever a possibly innocent man is denied freedom. Prison is not anyone’s dwelling place though this fascist regime uses repression and intimidation as tools of governance.

Many fear to speak but Nigerians should understand that even a dirty soap can and must be washed or it would serve no good purpose whatsoever. NJC and NBA should cower no more before this fascist regime and wash the dirty soap that has become the Nigerian Judiciary.

Gwon G. Wolo

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