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Emeka Ugwuonye v Festus Keyamo & Lauretta Onochie: Week 3


Last week ended without anyone serving me a copy of the summons in the much publicized one billion naira lawsuit that Festus Keyamo and Lauretta Onochie allegedly filed against me. Hopefully, they will serve me today. I also offered to have just the name of the court and the case number so that I would go and pick it up myself.

Also, last week, I sent a request to the Presidency under the Freedom of Information Act requesting information on Lauretta Onochie’s claimed relationship with the President of Nigeria. I also, served a letter on Festus Keyamo pointing out a number of ethical violations he had committed in respect of these events.

Never before has a defamation lawsuit filed by a non-entity like Lauretta Onochie had received such media attention as this one. Yet, it was never served upon me. They just wanted a pretext to insult and call me names on their online media outfits.

There may not be a lawsuit at all, and if any, it might have just been filed after they realized that they had boxed themselves into a corner. It is a terrible problem for Keyamo to slander my name using false lawsuit. So, he must have to have a lawsuit now. Otherwise, he is in soup. I will not let him play any of such nasty games he has been known to play with people using the notoriously corrupt Nigerian press.

Lauretta Onochie

Regardless of what they do, we are going to have a mother of all lawsuits. Each website that ever claimed I stole money will have to come to court so that we can deal with this once and for all. Indeed, my lawyers are not happy that I would be waiting for them to serve us before we strike at them. They want to strike at them first. But we don’t have an address for Lauretta Onochie. So, we need her own lawsuit in order to have an address for her. That is why I have been begging them to serve me.

As for Lauretta Onochie, she is a non-entity. She is only important to me because of my investigation into human trafficking cases. If it were only that she was barking at me on Facebook, I would have ignored her. She is a complete nobody. I am more interested in those who use their position as lawyers to lie and manipulate and bully others. We need to end that.

I am also happy that this case will teach Nigerians a lot of lessons. Many Nigerians did not know how information goes into Google. They thought that if something is found in Google, it means it is true. That is unfortunate. Anybody can put anything in a website. Once something is placed in website, the best way you retrieve it is through Google. 

What these people have done to me for the past 5 years is that they would put false stories about me on their websites. And the next day, they would go through Google to retrieve the same information they put the day before. Then they would say it is true because it is on Google. Google is only a way to retrieve information you put on a website. 

Festus Keyamo

Unfortunately, many Nigerians did not know that. So, finding something about me in Google is a fallacy. You don’t find information in Google. You find information where you put it, but you get there through Google. I am happy that my case has caused many Nigerians to understand this simple truth. If I put on a website a story that Jesus Christ had dinner in my house last night, you will be able to find that “in Google”. But as an intelligent person, you should know that I was the one that put that story there.

For 5 years now, these same idiots have been trying to pull me down. They used everything on earth, including the resources of the Nigerian State to pull me down. Two Ambassadors died trying to pull me down. They recruited several online news websites, especially the blackmailers in chief – SaharaReporters – to pull me down. If they were to channel all those resources to anything else, they would have turned Nigeria into Paradise. But despite all their efforts, I am still standing and grazing. This lawsuit is therefore very important and I urge you to look out for it.

Something else I must add: my opponents are so worried because they lost the ability to deceive people. In this last round of attacks on me, they saw pepper. Many people went to their walls and asked questions and demanded answers. They had no answers to substantiate their allegations. They got mad and blocked those who asked questions. It hasn’t been easy for them. 

They became hysterical and complained that I blain-washed everybody who challenged them. They tried to ridicule our great group. They claimed that DPA was IPOB or that all members of DPA are unintelligent. But unknown to them, the more they tried to insult you, the more determined you became in getting to the end of all this.

This is expected to be an interesting week and I shall keep you all informed. 

Emeka Ugwuonye

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