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#EndSARS: Anambra protesters demand Awkuzu SARS building be turned into museum

By Chima Christian


Awkuzu SARS is arguably the headquarters of police brutality and extra-judicial killings in Nigeria.

In one of the stories, a mother, having nothing more to give, was made to regularly cook for the officers in exchange that they free her son that was being detained.

A son that, unknown to her, has already been killed by the killer officers. And they kept eating the woman’s food knowing fully well that they’ve killed her son.

The author, Chima Christian
The author, Chima Christian

See, the cries emanating from that slaughterhouse is still echoing, both here and in the great beyond.

When all is said and done, that building that housed Awkuzu SARS will not remain a police station. We will turn it around and erect a memorial in its place. It will be in honour of the hundreds, if not thousands of innocent souls that were “wasted.”

We appreciate the efforts of the Government of Anambra State and implore them to immediately initiate protocols to provide an alternate facility for the police formation/unit currently occupying that now hallowed chamber.

Our next level demands in Anambra include that Awkuzu SARS building be handed over so we can turn it into a museum and a memorabilia.

We will hang the pictures of our slain brothers and sisters there. We will light candles for them. They shall no longer be forgotten. Their memories shall no longer be treated as if they never existed.

Some were unceremoniously buried in unmarked graves. We will give them a befitting burial at that site and treat their memories with dignity. Tears will pour on that day and families will find closure.

The museum will be there to honour the slain, preserve history and remind future generations of a terror that once was.

May God, the All-knowing, comfort His people and heal our land.

On the Lekki massacre

Chaos and unmatched violence was their response to peaceful protests!

We peacefully organised and asked them to move this country forward. They chose instead to burn it to the ground.

They found our demands difficult to meet. But found it easy to hire armed thugs, instigate jail breaks, play the ethnic card and initiate violence, as a precursor to the mass killings we are witnessing today.

This is a very dark night. Nigeria’s morning will come nonetheless.

The struggle continues.

On my interview with Dream FM, Enugu

Just got off a radio programme with Dream FM, Enugu. Here’s the transcript.

“Alex, good morning and thanks for having me on your radio talk show. A lot has happened between the time I accepted your producer’s invite and now, chiefly the unmatched carnage at Lekki Toll Gate yesterday.

“In the light of these events, I may not be able to speak to our scheduled topic – Leadership and Challenges of Good Governance in Nigeria; Issues and Lessons.

“This is because nothing suggests to me that our leaders are listening. We have always doubted their sincerity. They are fast proving that our fears are not unfounded.

“I’ve heard people say that our peaceful protests have been hijacked. Evidences abound that it was state actors that engineered the violence. If state actors can go to these unspeakable lengths to discredit our peaceful protest and unleash terror, it casts a huge shadow of doubt as to their sincerity in effecting promised reforms.

“In Anambra, the State Government inaugurated a panel of inquiry yesterday. We are told they will resume sitting in two weeks. We are weighing our options. We may eventually call our people to boycott those panel hearings.

“When the government wants to listen, we will be here to offer sound public policy advice. For now we are counting our losses. We don’t even know how many people we lost in that massacre and pockets of others that continues to happen across this country. We may never get to know. We are mourning our dead. We are praying for those critically wounded and are now battling for their lives.

“I’ll leave you with this Alex, until justice is done, that flag will have a different meaning to me and the national anthem will no longer command my respect.” [END]


We gathered again this evening at Ekwueme Square, Awka. We didn’t protest this time. We simply lit candles and mourned our dead. We sang and cried. Those who could waved their Nigerian flag.

I agree with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “the only reason to shoot into a crowd of peaceful citizens is to terrorize: to kill some and make the others back down.”

We are terrorized and very visibly shaken but we won’t back down. Our cause is just.

Chima Christian

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