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#ENDSARS- As we expect Nigerians to give us Biafra ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke


When a man is directionless or lives on the hope of miracle or luck; he is bound to dream endlessly. Such man sometimes sees possibilities in God appearing in the broad day light and speaks his wishes to become horses. He thinks weird things and the worst of the whole thing is; he is convinced his wishes will someday become horses; so he can ride to the world he dreams every day. That man is today thinking Nigerians will divide Nigeria for him. Give him a country called Biafra where his supreme leadership shall reign.

This present Biafra championed by the people of Biafra; illusion has become the basis of our struggle because we simply cannot determine our fate. Instead of wisely call it a day; we decided to linger in the shadows of our thought and fear the touch of reality. When reality is mentioned; it hurts like the sting of a scorpion, but fact cannot be changed, irrespective of our feelings.

I have faced mockery of recent; a Facebook friend of mine Gabriel Chima, being a human with brain, it is only evidence of wisdom to convincingly and firmly look into the eyes of a man telling you Biafra is a possibility in no distant time that he is hallucinating. Of course; he is right, because I believe the cluelessness and directionless of visible leaders of this struggle is mouthwatering.

Nnamdi Kanu has suddenly become the mouthpiece of ENDSARS protesters with his flock of sheep saying the protest was the making of their shepherd. They shamelessly argue that without the noise being made by Nnamdi Kanu; that Nigerians would not wake up to demand a better Nigeria. I have asked myself this very question; if Nigeria is made a better country today, what will justify Biafra agitation?

It is very clear some of the leaders of our struggle have cashed out on Biafra and they simply want an excuse to finally blend their treachery. Followers of these leaders are as hopeless as Nigerians; although Nigerians are now showing character, they want a change and a better Nigeria. Biafrans will remain in their shell; they cannot demand change from these leaders, they cannot demand clear road map or practical methodology towards the goal. It took Nigerians many years to stop listening to excuses and lies from their leaders; while Biafrans have spent more than twenty years, still stumbling in the dark and believing lies from their leaders.

All of a sudden; Nnamdi Kanu and his flock of cowardly IPOB are expecting Nigerians to give them the Biafra they could not give themselves. In spite of all the holy by holy song sang onto a mere mortal who deceived many people. In spite of all the boasting and swearing; the man who said give me transmitter and Biafra will come tomorrow. Give me defense fund and I will give you Biafra next year; here we are, lost our way, lost our belief, lost our ability and waiting for Nigerians to give us Biafra.

Michael Ezeaka; executive member of IPOB told me clearly that Nigeria has come to an end- insinuating that Nigerians will finally divide Nigeria for his personal lord and savior to rule Biafra. Michael Ezeaka who he has spent 20 years in Diaspora- I was shocked a man that has lived in a civilized world for that long can still be this thoughtless and dim-witted.

Nnamdi Kanu has began to positioning his IPOB members to embrace Nigerians; promising to surrender his Biafra by commanding his sheep to carry Nigerian flag and protest for a better Nigeria. Suddenly; we have joined the bandwagon of making Nigeria a better country. Nnamdi Kanu is strategically positioning the final nail on the coffin of his own Biafra agitation. Soldier come, soldier go, barrack remains.

Finally; Sowore was ejected or stopped from taking part in a major discussion regarding the ongoing protest- reason being that Nigerians don’t want his Revolution Now agenda. Nigerians are entirely wise; yes, they are animals in the zoo as Nnamdi Kanu rightly called them but wiser animals. If Sowore was ejected; what made you lost sheep think there can ever be agenda to give you Biafra?

What we cannot do for ourselves; we have started waiting and dreaming- that Nigerians may do it for us. Idiots and mad mad people scattered everywhere!

Ifeanyi Chijioke- independent/Investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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