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#EndSARS: Co-author of National Anthem Asks Buhari to Revoke all oil blocks awarded to individuals

The co-author of Nigeria’s National Anthem, Sota Omoigui has asked President Muhammad u Buhari to revoke all oil blocks awarded to individuals in the country.

Sota in an address to Nigerian youths also demanded for senators who are elected for public service and not for the public to service their accounts.

He said the resources of the nation can no longer be hijacked by a dubious system of patronage.

According to him, we need senators who are elected for public service and not for the public to service their accounts.

“The resources of our nation can no longer be hijacked by a dubious system of patronage. All oil blocks awarded to individuals are hereby revoked.

Sota added, “Our youth are correct. Your leaders have failed you. They have failed to serve the fatherland with love and strength and faith. They have failed to create one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.

“They have failed to be guided by God, and are unable to teach our youth in love and honesty to grow as they neither have love nor do they have honesty.
They live corruptly and have failed to live just and true.

“They have failed to build a nation that can attain any lofty heights but rather they have created a nation where there is neither peace nor justice.

“I have heard your cries on the state of our nation. I recognize that your protests to end the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is a protest against everything evil that is symbolized by the SARS units.

“I sympathize with all those who lost their lives including protesters, police and soldiers and have directed compensation to every family. Owners of all vandalized and looted stores will be compensated.

“At the same time all those engaged in looting will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“All COVID-19 palliatives that are still kept in warehouses must be distributed immediate.

“The corruption, brutality, torture and extra judicial killings committed by the SARS policemen are a symptom of a complete rot in the system.

“That rot starts from the atrocious working conditions, low wages, decrepit and unsanitary structures in our police barracks and colleges and military establishments and the diversion of funds allocated to the salaries, benefits and welfare of our police men and soldiers.

“I have set up a judicial panel of enquiry to investigate all accounts of violations of human rights, abuse of office and professional misconduct and bring to justice all who are culpable.

“This will include dismissal, demotion as well as public prosecution. All those who have been unjustly detained by the SARS units as well as peaceful protesters that have been detained are to be immediately released.

“As I have said before, if we as a nation do not kill corruption, corruption will kill us.

“The era of free for all corruption, lack of accountability and corruption with impunity is over.

“The EFCC and ICPC are currently set up to investigate corruption after it has already occurred.

“We have weaponized it against our political opponents. Immediately henceforth, the two investigative agencies will start prosecution of all looters who belong to both our ruling party APC as well as all other parties.”

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