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#EndSARS: Muslims rain curses on me in mosques ~ Aisha Yesufu


Aisha Yesufu, a Nigerian human rights activist and one of the leading forerunners of the #Endsars protests, has lambasted some Muslims who rain curses on her because of her active involvement in the #EndSARS protests.

Aisha, who is one of the egg heads that championed the protest against police brutality and harassment in Nigeria, said that she is not worried over their curses.

On her verified Twitter handle, she wrote, ”Heard I am being cursed in mosques! People finish praying and take time out to curse me in their prayers.

“I have asked they should please let me know how many of these curses they rained on me when I was making same demands during GEJ! We are all already cursed in Nigeria,” she tweeted.

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