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ENDSARS Protest: Security Expert Ameh Erico Advises Govt On Way Forward

  • ENDSARS Protest: Security Expert, Associate Professor Joseph Ameh Erico Advises Government On Way Forward

A security expert and one time PDP Governorship aspirant in Kogi state, Associate Professor Joseph Ameh Erico has advised the Federal Government not to use force by deploying the Military into the ongoing nationwide protest by Nigerian youths.

Professor Erico bare his mind in view of the plans by the Military to start its routine exercise tagged ‘Operation Crocodile Smile VI’ nationwide,stating that this developement will escalate the already tensed situation.

He says the decision of the Militaty to embark on such exercise is within the confines of the law establishing the body,just like the protesters have the right to also ventilate their grievances through peaceful protests.

Associate Professor Erico warned that any attempt to use force to address the ongoing protests in Nigeria, as it was carried out against IPOB and the Shittes of El-zak zaky,will not augur well for peace to return to the streets.

The security expert maintained that this developement became difficult especially when you can not identify leaders of this aggrieved youths,but assemblage of youths and like minds whose protests is preference for good governance and leadership.

According to Erico,the best way for the present Administration is to adopt dialogue, immediately roll out machinery to address the endless demands of the youths and protesters without reservation or delay.

He says a situation where by prominent religious leaders have thrown their weight behind the concepts of the protesters ,it becomes difficult to adopt any other mesaure rather than dialogue to address the delicate issues.

More so that the International Communities,like the UN,US and the super powers are interested in what is happening in Nigeria,calls for sober reflections.

He advised that measures should be put in place to address the current onslaught rather than the other way round, that will further aggravate the protests.

Erico says Nigeria is not at war,and the Military deployment is needless in this situation as civil solution is desirable in the current impasse.

He urged the government to create an enabling environment through negotiation,policy formulation and decisions to nip in the bud any unforeseen circumstances.

The security manager advised the Military to shelve their planned exercise,so as not to overheat the political atmosphere of the country, especially at this period of our National life.

He says at this period,a wholistic reform in the security architecture of the country, that will fight crime and people oriented. The reform should also involve electoral reforms to guarantee e-voting, safeguard the integrity of our electoral system,as well as ensure judicial, legislative and executive reforms without further delay.

He cautioned the Federal government not to be carried away by any counter decisions,but manage the current developement so as not to escalate beyond the current level.

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