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Endsars protests: When we were youths ~ By Ike C. Ibe

The end SARS protests have come and gone. Have we made any impact? Sure. Can these impacts yield desired results? Can these impacts go all the way into 2023/4 national elections? I do not know.

Part of the reasons why our nation has not made progress is because the youths are often complacent and ‘worship’ stupid thieving political leaders.

We promote them and do their biding. We hail them and praise them to high heavens only because of naira while they stupendously amass our Commonwealth and own choice homes and vehicles that keep popping the eyes of the youths.

We aid them to creat violence during elections as well help them to falsify results and help them to ignore us when they get into office.

We cheapen ourselves before and behind them by reducing ourselves to their ‘Otimkpus’.

When I was a ‘youth’ , I challenged both the system and the process. At 25, I beat all stereotypes and got elected into the House of Assembly and went on to scheme my way into being elected Acting Speaker albeit for a short time in 1993 before the military struck in November that year.

As a 25/6 year old kid, I fought the then governor of Imo State to a standstill on policy difference and development issues.

We were manly youths and conscientious objectors. I was subjected to all kinds of attacks intimidation, threats and almost killed but we never gave in or up. We made the difference without merely asking to be treated differently.

I want to see youths from now till 2023 and beyond, challenge fraudulent politicians and deal with them where necessary and not just hailing them for peanuts.

I have seen a lot of ‘resolutions’ from the youths circulating everywhere demanding different things.

We must reach for these and be the difference we seek and not just asking to be treated differently.

The clock is ticking and my “youthful” blood is still boiling in support of the youth. May God bless and keep us all.

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