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#Endsars: The Creek Of Niger Delta Wants To Control Her Oil ~ Protester


There have been a lot of varying reactions trailing the #Endsars campaign for the past one week. Nigerians from all walks of life keep pouring out their anger against the lopsided structure of the country.

Since the Zamfara state government announced officially that it has secured a contract with a foreign company to supply gold worth of N50 billion naira, Nigerians from the Southern region have frowned at it.

This development has compelled many Nigerians to start asking if the gold in Zamfara solely belongs to the State. Some angry Nigerians have also questioned that, if the gold in Zamfara can be mined only for the benefit of the State, that means the oil in the Niger Delta region should be explored for the benefit of the region and not for the entire country.

Thousands of people from the Niger Delta region have expressed displeasure over this ugly development. One of the #Endsars protesters who spoke with ElombahNews correspondent said, the Niger Delta region will start exploring their oil solely for the benefit of the region if that is the way to go now.

He said, “there is no sincerity in Nigeria. How can Zamfara mine the gold in the state only for their own benefit when the oil in the Niger Delta has been the major product sustaining the country? This is just unfair.”

However, the campaign for #Endsars is drastically shifting to end bad governance in the country as the protesters have vowed not to back down until their demands are met.


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