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#EndSARS: Time for Christians to stand up & make a difference in Nigeria

By Theo Rays


Exegesis of the vision of how Christians and people of goodwill shall eventually change Nigeria

“People Perish Because Of Lack Of Knowledge” Hosea 4:6

Since creation, God and Man have continued to do great works in different facets of life such as in religion, politics, education, health, business, economy, science, technology, sports and many more. While the great works of God and Man are conspicuously making lives better in many parts of the world, it is quite regrettable such great works of God and Man that lifted other countries have continued to elude Nigerians.

This is why Nigerians live with lack of basic needs of life such as lack of food and water, good road, electricity, quality education, good health care services, and jobs with insecurity, poverty, malnutrition, diseases and death highly rampant in all parts of the Nigeria. So sad that In a highly sophisticated world where things exist in advanced stage nothing seems to be working in Nigeria. The failure to get things work in Nigeria amid a highly sophisticated world is an embarrassment to humanity.

Having said this, I wish to say that the recent #EndSARS protest carried out by the Nigerian youth to register their grievance over the continued failure of things to work in their country is a clarion call for the citizens to stand up and effectively deal with the challenges facing their country. I am inspired by God to draw the attention of citizens of Nigeria on what we are expected to do to be able to give effective response to the myriad of challenges facing us as a country. At first blush, I am inspired to reveal that the problem of Nigeria revolves around “the person”. The characters of the Nigerian person is no where near the characters required for nation building.

If I am not mistaking, the Nigerian person particularly the business class, the political class and the religious protagonists are in some sense stingy, greedy, selfish, wicked, corrupt, glutton, mentally lazy, terribly carnally minded, spiritually disabled, strongly tribalistic, deeply religiously fanatic, socially incapacitated, economically ignorant and politically bias. In other words the three major classes of people that are destined to build to build Nigeria such as the business class, the political class and religious class are weak. China for instance was built by these three classes of people. Please pardon and correct me if I am wrong.

Following the above characters of the Nigerian person, nobody as individual or groups are actually committed to play the role of a saviour. Nobody is committed to make a difference from the normal. Everybody is struggling at the same scene and looking for the same thing mostly political power and money. The political leaders who have the mandate to harness the resource of the land into services of people’s wellbeing are entangled by bad characters of the Nigerian person as earlier listed above.

With the failure of political leaders in Nigeria the people are on their toes seeking for alternative ways to address the challenges of life. To this end, some are demanding for Restructuring of the country. Others say they want to leave the entity called Nigeria and establish their own countries. While these demands are waiting to see the light of the day, I am inspired to call on Christians to stand up and make the difference needed to change Nigeria. Christians have to take up the role of a saviour in Nigeria. Christians have the mandate to work as a saviour of lives. In other words, Christians hold a background and mandate stronger than the background and mandate of political leaders.

For Christians to play the role of a saviour in Nigeria they have to do the following

(a) Embark on spiritual warfare with a view to restructure the country spiritually
(b) Give the political process in Nigeria a stronger mechanism. Some Church leaders in Nigeria believe that they have no business with political leadership. Others limit their political works to blaming politicians, calling for prayers and attending meeting in government house. Some Church leaders are just after collecting money from politicians seeking for political positions.
(c) Work hard to push good people, good ideas and knowledge into the political space. This where Igbo Presidency comes in. A blend of Christians and Ndigbo into SMWS will boost the chances of Igbo.
(d) Expand the scope of works and earnings for the inhabitants of Nigeria. Nigerians have a narrow scope of working and earning and that is why poverty and joblessness are on the high side. Christians have to expand the work space in Nigeria both in the villages and cities with escalated development services on money making. In Onitsha, the Church is building halls, schools, hotels, Micro Finance Banks and petrol filling stations to support the popular buying and selling but that is not enough. In Onitsha the work in education is limited to running secondary schools. There is no work in science and technology, sports and agriculture in the commercial city of Onitsha. But 10 traders at Onitsha Main Market can build a University or big farm land elsewhere or float a top flight football club or an industry that can manufacture soft and hardware etc.

Above highlights is what I call Saturated Mechanisms For Workable Solution (SMWS) (Details of the above SMWS and more are contained in my latest book titled the Odogwu..the Essence of Great Works of God and Man…and the Real Deal on Solution to the problems of life)


I have the revelation that the failure of Nigeria is caused by three things namely poor inherent Preparation towards life, weak Capacity in facing life and poor Movement of life. The Movement is the most important. The Movement here is not about traveling round the cities across the world, it is about moving people into works and services that will make their lives better such as religious works and services, political works and services, education, health, business and economic works and services that are stronger and more effective on the wellbeing of the people.

SMWS services are available for everybody to participate and enact into private service such as parents, families, teach community leaders, religious leaders and political leaders etc

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