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Enough is enough, any further attack on Bishop Kukah will be resisted ~ MBF


The attention of the Middle Belt Forum, Kaduna State Chapter have once again been drawn to an (11) points press release issued and signed by one professor Is a Mohammed Maishatu on behalf of the Muslim Soliderity Forum Sokoto on Tuesday 12/1/2021 asking Most Rev Dr Matthew Hassan Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of the Sokoto Diocese to leave the seat of the Caliphate.The ultimatum came to the Middle Belt Forum as a rude shock and defiled all human dignity.

The Forum was not totally surprise at this new development because just 2 days ago, the Department of State Security Services (DSS) issued a red alert to the general public warning about the pending plans by some elements and groups of religious bodies working with external forces to incite religious violence across the country targeted some States and individuals. Part of the plans is to cause inter religious conflict as well as use their foot soldiers to attack some worship centers, religious leaders, personalities, key and vulnerable points.

Now, it is clear to us that JNI and MSF have kick started the impending violence by trying to incite the peace loving people of Sokoto and our Muslims brothers all over the country against Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah over his historical, beautiful, worldwide applauded Christmas 2020 message.

The demeaning call by the so called professor for Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah to apologize to the Muslim ummah or quickly and quietly leave the seat of caliphate “Is not just a ridiculous and unacceptable to us but demonic, uncalled for, and totally an affront to the right of Nigerians to live and resides freely in all parts of the country as a bonafide CITIZENS.

One continue to Wonder where were all these Islamic groups including the so called and self acclaimed professor when boko haram terrorist has been killing, destroying peoples properties, maiming innocent Nigerians in their thousands without any single statement or ultimatum from them? Again, when has Buhari became the religious idol of Muslim? Because the Bishop message on the state of the Nation to the president and his government and suddenly became a religious issue linking all the Bishop’s statements which suppose to be a National issues and debate to a matter.

How can in any human thinking and analogy a professor descend so low to this level in this modern world of so many intellectuals to associate himself to this statement by giving Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah an ultimatum to leave Sokoto or else. “,OR ELSE, WHAT WILL HAPPEN? It beats our imagination that the so called professor is also asking the Clergy Bishop to apologize to Muslim ummah for what offence? Oh. It has now become an offence for one to air his view against the government controlled by a Muslim?

The Middle Forum on this send a loud and big warning to Muslim Soliderity Forum and their so called professor to hencefort desist from any form of attack under the cover of religion and to note the CONSEQUENCES of their reckless, unwarranted and unguided utterances on the Clergy Bishop.

While we call on the Department of State Security Services (DSS) to quickly urgently move into action now by arresting professor Mohammed Maishanu for inviting religious violence based on their earlier warning few days ago and equally he should tendered an unreserved apology to Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah for given a wrong interpretation to his beautiful Christmas Message.

The Middle Belt Forum and the entire ethnic Nationalities in the Middle Belt region and worldwide hereby unequivocally and without fear of any intimidation, without any iota of doubt warned that any further attack on the Clergy Bishop will be resisted vehemently with stiff and prompt retaliation. we are no longer keeping quite neither are we going to tolerate any further attack and misguided statement from any group.

The Middle Belt Forum and the entire ethnic Nationalities people in the Middle Belt and worldwide hereby urged our Beloved Bishop NOT to apologize to any groups or individual over his Christmas message.


God bless you.

John Haruna
Middle Belt Forum,
Kaduna State Chapter.

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