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Enough Of Racist Victimization In Nigeria’s Exxon Mobil Now!


Nigeria no doubt is at the receiving end of the harsh effects of racism, imperialism and globalization. 

Not too long ago, xenophobia was targeted at Nigerians resident in fellow African country, South Africa; a country that owes Nigeria huge debts of gratitude for waging strong and successful struggle against the obnoxious apartheid rule and in contradiction paying back Nigeria’s good with evil.

Unbelievably and within Nigeria’s soil and territory. Exxon Mobil, a joint Venture Oil and Gas Company with majority shares owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria perpetrated ugly and reprehensive acts of imperialism and racism against a country which hosts the company and from where it derives the natural resources – Crude Oil for its sustenance.

The word, Nigeria attached to Exxon Mobil is partially meaningless and functionally defective because the country is seriously de-Nigerianized in the company’s operation and management where Nigerians are treated as inferior, second class citizens and as slaves.

In a nutshell, there is the constant sack of highly qualified and more professionally competent Nigerians under the guise of cutting cost and replacement of the sacked Nigerians with over paid and underskilled expatriates. 

Hiding under the so-called deceptive and coercive voluntary separation scheme, about 150 Nigerians were sacked in 2015 on the ground of huge personnel cost. 

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) was blackmailed and deceived into accepting the fraudulent voluntary disengagement, only for the Nolan O’Neal’s led management to make a U-turn and replaced those exited Nigerians with over paid and under skilled Expatriates. 

What a hypocrisy, dishonesty, deceit, humiliation, insult on Nigeria and Nigerians is this? 

About 40 expatriates with a minimum of 1,600 Dollars per day or about 25 million Naira a month were brought as replacements of the previously exited Nigerian workers who earned a monthly salary of 500,000 Naira monthly. 

This economic disequilibrium is so ridiculous because the cost of maintaining one expatriate is enough to pay the salaries of about 20 Nigerian workers. 

Therefore, the so-called cost cutting theory for the sack of workers is dubious and laden with sinister agenda.

It is established that the cost of maintaining expatriates in Exxon Mobil is prohibitive and if any rational sack should be premised on cost cutting measures, the expatriates should be the one to be relieved of the jobs and not otherwise. 

There is no known economic justification for the loss of more skilled and under paid Nigerian jobs for lesser skilled and over-paid expatriates. 

It is evidently clear that most of these expatriates under-go tutorship by Nigerians on arriving the country instead of the other way round.

While the dust generated in this racial discrimination and victimization is yet to settle, Exxon Mobil Management arrogantly and callously embarked on the forced and compulsory sack of about 150 Nigerian workers in 2016 despite stiff opposition by PENGASSON that the sack negated the spirit and letters of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and aggravated the impunities committed by the whites against the blacks in the company. 

The jobs meant for Nigerians were constantly done and replaced by foreign workers which was the major reason PENGASSON opposed the 2016 separation programme and the whole episode resulted into serious industrial disputes, strikes, picketing of other oil companies in sympathy warning strikes and planned shutdown of oil production by Mobil PENGASSON. 

83 PENGASSON members were negatively affected in 2016 forced and involuntary sack as a punitive and vindictive measure.

It has to be understood that the bad treatment meted out on Nigerians in Exxon Mobil can be located within the context of white/black skin dichotomy or skin differentials. 

Racism has become an outdated, barbaric and primitive practice sequel to the practical manifestation of the dreams of Martin Luther King when Barack Obama, a black Kenyan became the United States of America President about 8 years ago. 

It is disgusting, disgraceful and awkward to be practicing racism again.

However, the global consensus against racism notwithstanding, racism is the philosophical pillar and backbone of Exxon Mobil Management.

From 2015 till present day, about 450 Nigerian contract workers were sacked after the expiration of 3 months which is the maximum for Nigerian contract workers; a limitation the Federal Ministry of Labour and NEPIMS have tried to expand without success. 

On the other hand, the Whites in the company have applied the Technical Manpower Service Agreement as a tool of subterfuge to undermine and sabotage the Nigerian Content Development Act by bringing in Expatriates on contract basis at prohibitive contract fees of about 1,600 Dollars a day in jobs competently handled by Nigerians and rotate them in different jobs and make them stay up to 20 years.

In recent times, there was the use of dubious and kangaroo disciplinary system in Marine, Security and Procurement Divisions to kick out Nigerians out of sensitive management positions and replace them with expatriates. 

Nigerians are constantly relieved of their management positions with replacement by Expatriates. 

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