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Enough Of The Madness From Prince Arthur Eze

By Azowue O. Emmanuel

It is becoming crystal glaring that Prince Arthur Eze of Ukpo and his cohorts have concluded plans to beat the drum of war against the people of Abba community. Just when the people of Abba community were still provoked by the senseless demolition of the parameter fence of Chief Godwin Nweke (Akularaba Abba) which was orchestrated in the early hours of Thursday, 21st May, 2020.

By the evening of same day, the Nigerian Police under the command of the Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Mr. John Abang, acting on the script directed by Prince Arthur Eze, also demolished the parameter fence surrounding the house of Chief Pius Nweke (Ikemba Njikoka).

Demolition of parameter fence of Chief Godwin Nweke (Akularaba Abba)

When newsmen contacted John Abang on phone on the sad development in Abba community, he shamelessly told them that his men where in Abba community to implement the Supreme Court judgment between Abba and Ukwulu-Ukpo communities. Funny enough, the said Supreme Court Judgment was pronounced in February 15th 2019. Why then did it take Mr. John Abang and his men more than one year to effect the misinterpreted version of the Supreme Court judgment? Are the parameter fences of Chief Godwin Nweke and Chief Pius Nweke part of the disputed land?

The answers to the above questions posed will determine the sincerity or complicity of Mr. John Abang in the dastard acts perpetuated by Prince Arthur Eze under the supervision of the Nigerian Police on the buildings of these two illustrious sons of Nigeria. Mr. John Abang must not forget that there are consequences for every action here on earth. It is unfortunate that he will want his name to be registered in the hall of shame and infamy before his retirement from public service that is around the corner.

It is worthy to note that, Prince Arthur Eze had offered Chief Pius Nweke on countless occasions billions of naira so that he can hands off from the issue of the disputed land between Abba and Ukwulu-Ukpo communities. But Chief Pius Nweke had maintained his stand that neither himself nor the Agu-Abba land were for sale for any price.

The present desperate and frustrating action of Prince Arthur Eze is hinged out of shame and humiliation.

Demolition of parameter fence of Chief Pius Nweke (Ikemba Njikoka)

He believes that everything under the sun can be bought with money, but the resistance of the people of Abba community has demonstrated to him that money is not everything, and the people of Abba community are hardworking people who are not moved by his ill-motivated wealth.

Prince Arthur Eze must note one thing; he just started a war that he won’t be able to determine its outcome. He will get the feedback for all the wrongs he has caused the people of Abba. For having murdered sleep, he shall sleep no more.

For having murdered peace, peace will elude him. For having killed with sword, he shall surely die by the sword. For doing everything to illegally take what is not rightly his, all he has, including that of his relatives and supporters will be taken over from them, and they will be made to beg for food. Karma is coming!

Azowue O. Emmanuel 

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