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Enugu Airport: Economic Emasculation Of Igbos Continues

By Joseph Ojukwu



So, I have seen and read the reason given by the minister of state for Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika on why the Enugu International Airport should be downgraded or completely shut down and they sound plausible enough. But I have very troubling concerns.

The minister claimed that he told the Enugu State governor what to do a long time ago and he failed to do anything and now things have deteriorated badly.

Okay. I remember about two years ago when I visited home and went through that airport. I was so angry at the deplorable state of the airport that I began taking pictures. Afterwards, I wrote an article with those pictures and had it published on Vanguard Newspaper. About an hour after it was published online, it was pulled down. I inquired of the Vanguard editor and he claimed they were ordered by the powers from above to pull the article. I knew where that came from.

Much later in time, people from Ugwuanyi’s government started sending me messages, telling me that it wasn’t the governor’s responsibility – that it was that of the Federal Government, because of Course, Aviation is one of the 65-68 items on the Exclusive List in the fraudulent Nigerian Constitution.

So my question is, why is the minister telling Ugwuanyi what to do and why is Ugwuanyi failing to take responsibility, assuming there was some type of arrangement between States and FG to take care of projects like that?

Nearly every airport in the North has been upgraded to International status with no incident! Not one in the entire Eastern Region (South East/South South) is fit for even local operations, let alone international. International Airlines have been taxed out of the Eastern routes, especially Enugu, leaving only Ethiopian Airlines with the burden of integrity to continue still.

Now they’re about to be kicked out in the guise of so called “upgrade.” Question is: after the upgrade, will international airlines be allowed to use the airport? You already know the answer to that.

Recently, the Nigerian government launched some type of partnership with the Chinese government to build a dry port in Ibadan to enable ease the pressure on Lagos seaports. About 75-80% of these port users are from the Eastern Region. Many of them who haven’t been forced to relocate their businesses to Lagos still operate from the East.

In the East – From Imo to Rivers to Akwa Ibom to Delta to Anambra, there are naturally deep waters – deep enough to take any size of ship, especially the Rivers port. But the channels that lead to these deep waters from the ocean are very narrow. Rather than spend money to dredge them and encourage ships to use those ports, the FG has chosen to spend even more money to establish dry ports in places like Kaduna, etc. where Easterners who do business in the East and parts of the South will find it extremely difficult to do business from. This is WAR!

As at 2016, Lagos ports complex claimed about 97% of all containers berthed in Nigeria, whilst Rivers ports had lost nearly 75% of the ships that usually patronized it due to heavy taxation and lack of incentives from the Federal Government.

In the same 2016, Lagos Int’l Airport accounted for 69.1% of all international passengers and about 90.5% of all cargos. Imagine what the situation is now. And they say we are “one Nigeria?” Bloody lie! It’s all part of the new Biafran War!

For those who may not know, the Nigerian government and their colonial collaborators have since started another Biafran war – only this time, it’s not with conventional weapons, so many aren’t able to see it.

Brothers and sisters, jump down from your high horses and get ready for war – it a different kind of war. It’s called economic emasculation. We can beat them to it and take back our motherland from the rusting shackles of colonial bondage. These bloodsuckers won’t stop until they get a taste of our resolve. Join the movement. The time is now!

Joseph Ojukwu

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