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#Enugu2023: Ugbawka in focus

By Emmanuel Ebuka Chukwu


As we clamor for the continuation of the already existing ZONING STRUCTURE by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Enugu state, it’s pertinent we understand this undeniable fact that Ugbawka as a town in Enugu state has long been swimming in the ocean of neglect both in the state and in local government levels.

I some times wonder if Ugbawka is part of Enugu state. Ugbawka people have been neglected in terms of social amenities and leadership positions.

Our cry is being ignored. We have been forgotten only to be remembered when election is approaching because of our voting strength.

Ugbawka is the second most populated town in Nkanu after Akpugo. We are not just great by numbers but by deeds. We have always sacrifice our comfort and convinience to make sure that our votes count before, during and after election.

Because of this age long neglect of my people by the government, a certain politican and his men, many years ago came to Ugbawka with their usual fake promises to convince and deceive my people to support their selfish ambition, but got disappointed at the end as my people summoned the courage to question their sincerity, judging them from their past deceits.

This is a story that is very familiar to every true son and daughter of Ugbawka. At the campground, the tricker in a laud and deceitful voice shouted “Ugbawka Kwenu!” And my people responded, “Anyi ekwewuozo na nke anyi kwelekwe na anyi ofhowu ishie”. The interpretation of this vernacular in Ugbawka dialect goes this way: “Ugbawka believe!” Their response was, “we won’t believe again, the one we believed before, we didn’t see any gain in it. You don’t need me to tell you how ashamed the trickster (politician) and his men were on hearing this unexpected response and reaction from the poor, hungry, angry and neglected Ugbawka indigens.

The above paragraph is to remind you that the neglection of Ugbawka town and her people did not start today. It’s an age long game that the state and local government enjoy playing.

As 2023 is fast approaching, the atmosphere is getting tensed. Nkanu people are shouting “It’s our turn”, “Ka Nkanu jee”, and so many other clauses that announce the turn and readiness of Nkanu to take over the Lion Building, it is my duty as a bonafide son of Ugbawka to remind the people of Nkanu and the entire people of Enugu state that Ugbawka “should be allowed to go”. I understand that it’s the fundamental human right of every qualified citizen to contest in any election, including governorship election which Ugbawka man is not exempted, going by the politics of Enugu state where elections are not won by competence but by imposition of whoever that Oga thinks is good and loyal to him, hence, this article.

Ugbawka has what it takes to produce the next governor of Enugu state. The sons and daughters of Ugbawka wants to be proved wrong that our ancestors didn’t offend anyone that prompted this unprecedented neglect and punishments from the government at all levels.

We are tired of having our people compensated with useless appointments that lack any portfolio. These appointments are designed to silence them from speaking up. Any appointment that does not contribute in anyway to the well-being of the populace, except monthly stipend of the appointee, is useless.

Nkanu East local government is not been fare to Ugbawka. Enugu East senatorial zone is not considerate. Nkanu East and West Federal Constituency is far from been truthful to Ugbawka. As a whole, Enugu state derives pleasure playing games with Ugbawka. Now is the time to prove to the sons and daughters of Ugbawka that Ugbawka is part of Enugu state.

2023 is around the corner. It’s Nkanu’s turn. Ka Ugbawka jee.

Comr. Emmanuel Ebuka Chukwu.
Writes from Ugbawka echalanvode.

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