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Evidences Of Ihedioha’s Multi-Billion Naira Investments Outside Imo State

By Onwuasoanya FCC Jones


While Chief Emeka Ihedioha clamps down on investments attracted and even owned by his predecessor and his family members and political associates, a little dig into Ihedioha’s fortunes, show that he boasts of multi-billion Naira investments within and outside Nigeria, yet, not a single income generating investment of his can be found anywhere in Imo State.

For a man who has spent most of his life playing at the highest level of Nigerian politics, including serving as Press Secretary to the Nigerian Deputy Senate President, served as Chief Whip of the House of Representatives and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ihedioha did not need to have stolen a dime, to be able to set up a multi-million Naira industry in Imo State. Such industry would have helped in creating jobs and empowering some Imolites, especially, the youths.

There are legitimate concerns that Governor Ihedioha’s onslaught against Okorocha’s investments in Imo State, will further discourage politicians from investing in their locality, hence, encouraging capital flight and hurting the developmental potentials of the State.

It is commonsense logic that public officials who refuse to invest in their constituencies are economic traitors, who should not have the moral right to seek to lead the people.

As a governor, what moral justification does Ihedioha have to junket from one country to thr other, asking people to bring their investments to Imo State, while, as one of the most prominent political leaders in the State for over twenty years, he cannot boast of even a Mama put shop.

It is my personal opinion as an Imolite and a public commentator that H E Senator Owelle Rochas Okorocha should be celebrated for investing in Imo State and encouraging his family members and political associates to invest in the State. It shows that he believes in the State, and that would have encouraged a number of investors to throng to the State with multibillion Naira investments while he was governor.

Watch this space, we shall furnish you with evidences that the current Imo governor is an economic traitor against the people of Imo State and that he lacks the moral right to represent Imo people at any level of political leadership, because he has shown, over the last twenty years that he is only interested in taking from Imo, without giving Imo people anything in return.

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