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EXCLUSIVE: How notorious pimp syndicate sexually abused & brutalized Igbo lady in Libya

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

Brother biko! Brother biko! Brother biko! These were the pleas of a young Igbo lady who was so unfortunate to be in the midst of beastly personalities whom she saw as brothers in Libya.

Schoolboy and the victim of abuse

If the young lady whose identity is yet to be known had the slightest premonition of what will eventually befall her, she wouldn’t have ventured into such a long walk to Libya which is notoriously known as rendezvous for all manner of human traffickers and drug lords.

School boy who is allegedly a member of IPOB

In a video which was exclusively obtained by Elombahnews, a young lady of Igbo extraction was stripped naked by her own Igbo brothers. About four young men conscripted the lady on her legs and hands while another was flogging her with a whip that looks like a copper wire. All the pleas by this young woman to spare her from the torture was ignored by these rag tag.

According to investigation by Elombahnews, the young man who masterminded the abuse and goes by the nickname, ‘schoolboy’ is said to be an indigene of Enugu State and member of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB). He is also a well known pimp based in Libya.

Report has it that there are a lot of Igbo ladies whom he pimps to clients that makes returns for him and his syndicate on daily basis in the country and failure to remit money to them attracts severe consequences.

In the bizarre video, Mr schoolboy and his pimp gang went berserk after the young Igbo lady visited his boyfriend and came back home without remitting money to them as usual unlike other days when she meet with clients who are not emotionally attached to her. The pimp of a man and his devilish syndicate descended heavily on her which resulted to physical and sexual abuse. The offense of the young lady was that she went out to sleep with a man for free.

Further investigation by Elombahnews shows that since the video of the abuse was exposed to the public, the young lady has been declared missing while the schoolboy of a man is presently on the run. Nobody knows if the lady has been killed and her body disposed by the syndicate or not.

However, the situation of the young lady in the video calls for a mass action. The Federal government of Nigeria through the Ministry of foreign affairs must make every concerted effort to fish out these beastly syndicate so that they can face the consequences of their actions.

If adequate actions are not taken to arrest this ugly trend, it will further damage and cripple the image of Nigeria in the global community.

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