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EXCLUSIVE: What Inspector Imoh attached to Imo police told friends before committing suicide

On the 10th of February 2021, tragedy struck at Owerri Police command after one Inspector Imoh locked himself up in one of the empty rooms in the quarters and fatally shot himself on the stomach leading to his unfortunate death.

The entire Owerri Police Command was thrown into confusion and mourning after some officers who were on duty rushed to the scene where the gun shot was heard and saw Mr Imoh lying in the pool of his own blood.

Investigation by ElombahNews shows that friends and family members of late Inspector Imoh are blaming the policing institution in Nigeria for the death of the gallant officer who took his own life at his prime.

A source close to the late Inspector who spoke with ElombahNews said Imoh died as a result of negligence and wickedness of the policing institution in Nigeria.

The source recounted what Inspector Imoh told him before he embarked on his final journey from Rivers to Imo State were he was newly posted after spending several months in Borno State fighting Bokoharam deadly sect.

According to the source, Inspector Imoh narrated bitterly to him what he and other mobile Police officers that were deployed to Borno State went through.

The source said that Imoh before his death authoritatively told him that they were about 63 mobile police officers deployed to Bokoharam zone to fight.

The Police top echelon in their usual manner abandoned them to suffer. There was no food for them, no good shelter and over 32 of his colleagues were killed by Bokoharam ruthless fighters. His survival was a miracle, the source said.

Another source who also spoke with ElombahNews said that Inspector Imoh was seriously sick. He lost weight and wasn’t himself. Much was not done by the police authority to help him. He was left to suffer gruesomely. A man who survived Bokoharam onslaught came back home and took his own life. This is pure carelessly and wickedness on the part of police top brass.

However, a family source who doesn’t want the name on print said, the entire family is in pain as the kids and wife are yet to overcome the shock and pain that comes with the news of his death.

The wife is reportedly in between the devil and the deep blue sea as she is wondering who will now take care of the four children left behind by late Inspector Imoh.

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