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EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblowers Discover $832m Worth Of Crude Oil Stolen By Pipeline Contractors

George Uboh of GUWN demands $832m from Eraskorp/Kola Karim on behalf of NNPC/FG in losses


The George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (GUWN) has discovered a whopping 11 million barrels of crude oil which is worth over $800 million allegedly siphoned by pipeline contractor, Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources.

The public will recall the media war and blame game between Chairman of Ocean Marine Solutions limited, Captain Hosa Okunbo and Chairman of Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources, Mr. Kola Karim.

The media war/blame game was regarding the pipeline surveillance contracts both firms executed independently vis-à-vis losses incurred to the federal government during those contracts.

Due to the fact that the federal government expended funds – tax payers’ money – to pay for the contracts which led to losses to the FGN, GUWN deemed the issue a “matter of public interest”.

Hence, GUWN Chairman, Dr. George Uboh wrote the companies on January 11, 2019 as part of investigation into the matter.

Both companies responded to GUWN.

After GUWN analyzed the responses from the companies along with NNPC’s statement on the matter, GUWN found Eraskorp culpable in the loss of 11 million barrels of crude oil which is over $800m.

Also discovered was $32 million damages to pipeline costing NNPC $32 million in repairs; these losses occurred from the contract awarded to Eraskorp/kola Karim.

Consequently, GUWN has on February 8, 2019 wrote the Chairmen of Ocean Marine Solutions limited, Captain Okunbo and Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources, Mr. Karim.

Also contacted were NNPC GMD, Minister of State Petroleum and NPDC.

Dr. Uboh, therefore, demanded that Eraskorp/Shoreline/Karim pay $832 million to NNPC/FG within 14 days or face legal action.

See attached the GUWN with reference GUWN/OMS/SNRL/EG/NNPC/080219 dated Friday, February 08, 2019 and addressed to the Chairman, Ocean Marine Solutions Ltd., Attention: Capt. (Dr.) Idahosa Wells Okunbo JP, and Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd/Eraskorp Group:

Dear Sirs,

Letter of Demand to Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources Limited (Mr. Kola Karim) to remit $832,000,000:00 USD to NNPC/FGN within 14 days which is funds NNPC/FGN lost during Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd., Mr. Kola Karim’s pipeline contract or face court action

You will recall our January 11, 2019 letter captioned “Letter to Ocean Marine Solutions Ltd and Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd of our Intention to take Legal Action on Loss to the FGN, crude oil theft etc. in the execution of Pipeline Protection Contract awarded by the NNPC; 14-day Pre-Action Notice” to which both of you responded swiftly with the following ref nos. OMS/MD/GUWN/COR/1091.314 and MDO/GEN/01/19. (Please see copies of both responses attached herewith.)

After analyzing your letters and NNPC’s position on this matter, we find NNPC’s position to be paramount. Reason being, the NNPC, the awarder of the contracts, is in the best position to furnish information on the loss to the NNPC/FGN flowing from the awardee of same contract.

Accordingly, please find below excerpt of NNPC’s December 4, 2018 statement on this matter signed by Mr. Ndu Ughamadu, GGM, Public Affairs Division [full text of statement from NTA and Eagle online attached herewith.]

“In 2018, we lost over 60 days of production due to incessant breaches on the TFP despite having a security contract in place.”

“In terms of production numbers, this translates to over 11 million barrels of crude oil which on face value equates to over 800 million dollars in lost revenue to all the stakeholders in the matrix which includes: NNPC, its Joint Venture partners and the Nigerian Federation.”

The Statement goes further to state that NNPC spent $32,000,000:00 on repairs caused by damages to the pipelines during the contract executed by Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Resources Limited (Kola Karim), before the contract was awarded to Ocean Marine Solutions, and that no loss was recorded during Ocean Marine Solutions’ Contract.

As enunciated in our earlier letter, any loss to the federal government flowing from contract on which the federal government or its agencies expended money to execute is a matter of public interest hence vests the civil society the locus standi to wade in.

Our investigation reveals that the above-mentioned losses ($800,000,000:00 and $32,000,000:00) flowed from Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources Limited (Mr. Kola Karim)’s pipeline protection contract totaling $832,000,000:00.

Consequently, we hereby request Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd. (Mr. Kola Karim) to remit $832,000,000:00 USD to the NNPC for onward remittance to the federal government of Nigeria within fourteen (14) days, same way it complied with our January 11, 2019 request to respond within fourteen (14) days.

Failure of Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources Limited (Mr. Kola Karim) to remit the $832,000,000:00 USD within fourteen (14) days shall leave us no choice but to proceed to court to compel Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd. (Mr. Kola Karim) to remit the $832,000,000 USD to the NNPC/FGN, compel the NNPC to seek the remittance of the funds from Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd. (Mr. Kola Karim), and compel the relevant law enforcement agencies to protect the interest of the Nigerian State.

While we await your swift response and compliance, we remain,

Yours in anti-corruption and whistleblowing services,

Dr. George Uboh


Cc: Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, Hon. Min. of State Petroleum Resources

Cc: Dr. Maikanti Baru, GMD, NNPC

Cc: Alh. Yusuf Matashi, MD, NPDC

See attached documents showing details of transactions:

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