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Experts Rate Soludo Better Than Sanusi, Emefiele Worst


A group of experts under the auspices of ACIOE Associates have rated the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN], Prof. Charles Soludo far better than his successors, namely Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, immediate past, and the current governor, Godwin Emefiele.

Citing a Nairameterics Research, ACIOE Associates postulated that Nigeria’ economy grew at an average of 6.46% in 4 years under former CBN Governor Soludo, being the highest amongst the three recent governors.

ACIOE presented the statistical basis for its postulation as follows:

Prof. Charles Soludo

GDP — 6.46%

Inflation rate — 11.23%

Exch rate — 126.3

MPC — 11.87%

Highest MPC — 15%

Saving rate — 3.39%

Lending rate — 19.29%

On the rating of the immediate past governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, ACIOE stated as follows:

GDP —  6.05%

Inflation rate — 11.04%

Exch. Rate —  155.74

MPC. — 12%

Highest MPC — 12%

Savings rate —  2.12%

Lending rate — 23.48%

On the current governor, Godwin Emefiele, the statistic shows:

GDP growth  — 0.95%

Inflation rate — 12.82%

Exch. Rate — 264.66

MPC — 12.82%

Highest MPC — 14%

Savings rate — 3.83%

Lending rate — 28.57%

ACIOE Associates

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Its team of experts support leading corporations, start-ups and non-profit organisations to uncover market opportunities, optimize business performance and design high-impact interventions to minimize risks in frontier markets and ensure sustainable social development across Africa.

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