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EXPLOSIVE! Grand Plot To Unseat Vice President Osinbajo Uncovered


Elombah.com is in possession of a document containing a covert operation to cause mayhem by linking President Muhammadu Buhari’s illness to poison.

According to the report, the aim is to blame Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Yorubas and, hence, force Vice President Yemi Osinbajo out as Acting President.

The report further stated that the cabal would rather plunge Nigeria into crisis and possible war instead of accepting the truth about President Buhari’s health and follow and respect the constitution.

Recall that President Buhari had, on Sunday, jetted out of the country to the United Kingdom for a follow up of the treatment which was initiated in March and lasted for almost fifty days,

During his first medial vacation, news reverberated across the nation and beyond that Mr. President is dead through poison which sparked heated disputes in various quarters.

During that episode, rumor, reportedly fanned by Muslim clerics, spread like wildfire across Northern Nigeria that some political elements in the corridors of power had poisoned Buhari.

A blog [name withheld], in a report titled “Revealed: President Buhari Was Poisoned But All Those Involved Have Been Identified By The DSS”, published on February 20, 2017, described how the supposed dastardly act was perpetrated.

The report said in part:

“On Thursday 19 January 2017, President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB wrote a letter to the National Assembly asking to take a 10-day leave the following week. 

“Not long after sending the letter, the President jetted out of the county.

“This blog discovered this information from a source familiar with the situation.

“The source who disclosed the nature of the President’s illness and why he was quickly flown abroad for treatment revealed exclusively to the editor of DENISAURUS NEWS that PMB’s test results were out.

“Nigeria’s president is fine but it is not known if the poison affected any of his vital organs.

“The disclosure made to […] a few days before the National Security Adviser’s decision to disband the arms probe panel set up by President Buhari.”

It continued: 

“Narrating the event, a source explained that PMB as he his fondly called, was meant to leave Nigeria for his UK medical vacation on Friday, January 20, 2017. 

“But due to the intense effect of the poisoning, PMB was hurriedly flown out on Thursday 19 January.

“You will recall that, at about the time PMB was to depart Nigeria for the UK, the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was away at Davos for an official function. 

“Traditionally, it would have been in appropriate for a vacuum to be left, without an immediate handover before the President travelled.

“The sudden departure for the journey, when the one to act in that capacity was absent, proves the extent to which these dangerous enemies had gone far to fulfil their intentions, against PMB, ” the blog articulated.

The Senate President, Dr. Olubukola Saraki was even rumoured to have been nominated by the Northern Governors during a nocturnal meeting to take over power in Osinbajo’s stead in case of such eventuality.

Saraki, however, reacted immediately and discarded the rumour as false alarm. 

The dust seemed to have settled until the latest document was availed to Elombah.com which narrated in details how the cabal is concocting the poison story to oust Osinbajo.

The report was tailored to present Tinubu as an inordinately ambitious who would use Osinbajo to ride to power by, first and foremost, deleting Buhari from the scene using poison.

Presently, President Buhari is in London undergoing an indefinite therapy since, according to him, his stay will be determined by his doctors and not any timeline.

Meanwhile, in a related development, Elombah.com gathered that some top government officials have refused to take orders from Osinbajo.

Our source asked in bewilderment: “How can a committee headed by the Vice President and twice acting president approved a settlement agreement with Godson regarding Abacha’s loots and a common Minister refused to sign the agreement. 

“I understand that Buhari and his cabal are reluctant in pursuing the release of the money,” he noted, “because they are trying to perfect how the money can be diverted to their personal pockets instead of it going to the national treasury. 

“How else can anyone explain a government that has no money to pay its embassies staff refusing to receive $550 million recovered loots?”

“Do you know anyone close to Osinbajo?” He asked.

“This is the opportunity for Osinbajo to do something significant for the country and prove that his not an Uncle Tom to the cabal,” he concluded.

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