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Explosive: Water-tight docs rubbish AGF’s claims on Abacha loot


Lawyers to Dr. Godson Nnaka have produced incontrovertible proofs showing that the US appellate court ruled against Nigeria in the Abacha loot saga

Attorneys to Dr. Godson Nnaka have produced incontrovertible proofs showing that the US appellate court ruled against Nigeria in the Abacha’s loot saga with Dr. Godson Nnaka.

[Dr. Godson Nnaka was the lawyer to the Federal Government of Nigeria in the ongoing case involving loots credited to former Head of State, General Sani Abacha.]

The attorneys also provided notice of lien for $320 million filed against Nigeria by Nnaka.

It should be noted that the Attorney-General of the Federation [AGF] and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami presented a contrary view to the public on this matter. 

In an interview he gave to the Nation News on Monday, he claimed Nigeria won at the Appeal Court.

Find attached the press statement by the counsel to Nnaka on Appeals Court rulings against Nigeria as well as the notice of lien filed against Nigeria by Nnaka:

“My attention (The attention of my client, Godson M Nnaka) has been drawn to the statements made on Premium Times (online magazine) and other newspaper articles publication of August 30, 2016 and subsequent dates credited to the Attorney General of the Federation, Mr. Abubakar Malami, SAN referring to numerous statements and verbal exchanges between (Godson Nnaka) and himself Mr. Malami, and in particular the allegation of “embarrassing Mr. President when he visited New York”. 

We wish to state categorically that Nnaka did not make any of the alleged statements. 

As a matter of fact, Nnaka has NEVER HELD ANY PERSONAL OR TELEPHONE MEETING/DISCUSSION with Mr. Malami on the subject of Abacha’s Loot or any other issue in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world. 

While the world knows that anyone like Mr. Nnaka who is fighting corruption is often threatened, abused and vilified, we consider the statements Mr. Malami alleged that were made by Mr. Nnaka as epidemy of lies and fabrications designed to further injure and damage him. 

Accordingly, we hereby notify Mr. Malami to retract those statements and issue a public apology to Mr. Nnaka within forty-eight (48) hours, in National newspapers and online Magazines, in the absence of which, we will seek justice against him personally in the Court of appropriate jurisdiction.


As you can see, this matter is in litigation in the United States and we will resist the temptation to try the case in the Press. 

We believe the Court will deliver justice. 

Even as of yesterday, the Court denied the Nigerian Government sponsored motion to dismiss the appeal, insisting that Nnaka’s claim has merits and consequently a motion for $320 million for compensation was filed with the Court. 

As you may recall, Malami had boasted that Nigeria will win in the Appeals Court when you interviewed him. 

So, we are getting somewhere, justice is on our side because we are doing the right thing. 

But this AGF lies, badmouthing and name calling has to stop.  

Look, this Nnaka  is one of the most gifted, caring and decent U.S trained Nigerian professionals. Those of you who have interacted with him can attest to that. 

He has been in the forefront of fighting corruption in Nigeria for many years and you may not know. 

In fact, few months ago, he personally delivered to President Buhari, through his Chief of Staff, “ The Nigerian Anti-Corruption and Looted Assets Recovery Masterplan”. 

When you fight corruption, corruption fights you back. 

Nnaka wants the suffering of Nigerians to stop and he is prepared to assist the President to get this money as quickly as possible. 

Thank you.


Akib Abiola

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