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EXPOSED: Buhari’s WAEC Attestion is FAKE! By May Ubeku

By May Ubeku

Dear Nigerians, please take a look at these two attestation from WAEC.

Genuine WAEC Attestation certificate
Fake WAEC Attestation certificate

The first has an ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE NUMBER gotten from the original result that was first issued to Usman which he probably lost and had to apply for an attestion.

The second which is that of Buhari has no ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE NUMBER. The place bearing original certificate number carries “N/A” meaning WAEC forged an attestion for Buhari as he never had one.

WAEC is not in possession of the details of Buhari’s result but decided to forge one for him.

Dear WAEC, Nigerians will not get away with this fraud and mockery of our institutions. The registrar of WAEC Nigeria must be sacked. #SackWAECRegistrar

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