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Exposed: evil conspiracies of Nigeria embassy officials in Mali

  • Our investigations show serious violations of the Nigeria entry visa procurement procedure, visa racketeering, human trafficking, inaction in the face of unlawful arrest and abuse of Nigerians by the consular department and the charge de affaires that could pose a serious security threat to the Nigeria nation. 

Bamako, Mali. February 8, 2017 – The Nigeria embassy has never been fair to Nigerians in general as their problem are never perceived as part of their callings to serve the country in their foreign postings; this is irrespective of fact that they are charged with that specific task as the welfare officers of Nigeria national in the Diaspora, to protect, project and promote the culture and tradition of the people they represent while maintaining a diplomatic relation with the host nation.

The past POFRN – President GOODLUCK .E.JONATHAN, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has once charged the Ministry of external affairs to reform the country foreign policies with the aim to articulate and market the country to meet global challenges. Sadly however, rather than being the image makers to the nation, they have become a center of corruption, intimidation, oppression and a Misinformation center. They have today, groomed hate and retribution under the leadership of Zayyed Abdulsalam (CDA-ai), and Abubakar Abdulmaleek then Consular Officer; they have etched their names in the dark page of history on the lives and welfare of Nigerians in Mali. When they held swayas the henchman at the Embassy. Under their leadership, the recruitment process was grossly abused, while Nigeria entry visa were issued and sold without care in the world, as due process was thrown out through the French windows, with protocol being an outdated English word in their dictionary.


The August 2016 Publication in, L’Essor and L‘Independent, two local newspapers here in Mali for job placements at the EmbassyIn the categories of:-1: Consular Clerk 2. Protocol officer 3. Receptionist.4. Driver. This has been proven to be deceptive and misleading from our research.

Considering the sensitive nature of the vacant positions advertised for and our precarious national security situation,we would have expected serious screening of candidates with the best qualified candidates for the job without fear, favour nor security risk.

It has been drawn to our attention that the employment procedure was a fraud, as their choice candidates has been made by Mr. Zayyad the charge de affairs, while Mr. Abdulmaleek compliment the effort of the (Cda-ai) and his friend Mr. Salif Mahamadou, a Nigerian, ( Niger Republic) an ex-employee of Ecowas (CEDEAO) Mali, that was sacked for misconduct during the service period of Nigerian representative to Ecowas Mali office, Mr. Nnamdi, who equally, caution the Nigeria mission staffs and the defense attaché of the need for caution in relating to Mr. Mohamadou, and about granting him access to the green white green house. It’s important to note here that we do not object to the employment of foreign nationals to the embassy, but we worry about the credibility of the employee and the power weld by these individuals in such sensitive positions.

Mr. salif Mahamadou, whose original application was for the position of a driver, but converted to the PROTOCOL / MAINTANCE OFFICER ,after some serious arm twisting and persuasions; the liaison officer of the embassy protested through a letter to the Headquarter in Abuja about the recruitment procedure, where he classed the said Mr. Mohamadou as “ a proven MOLE with intelligence affiliation to many intelligence officers in different missions in Mali ” based on this, his appointment was withdrawn, while his Salaries were being paid off the record by the Cda-ai through the FA (finance attachés), this was on while his reinstatement was being negotiated, through arm twisting, blackmail and bribery .

Here we have a serious case, a case of finding a venomous viper on your bed in the middle of the night and yet find it comfortable to sleep with the viper, we are saddled with a classed mole in a sensitive establishment as the Nigeria embassy, yet we are comfortable enough employing him into such sensitive positions, granting him access into our structures and equipments. The same assumed mole was at the Mali International Airport SENOU tarmac as part of the Embassy delegation to receive the POFRN, (President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria) President Mohamadou Buhari. During, his official visit to Mali, at the country hosting of Franco-Afrique (Africa) Summit held in 2016. He was there at the Tarmac as chief protocol/ maintenance office in company of zayyed and other delegations, the consular concern was calm enough to caution the presidential security about Mohammadou, this at a time when our nation was under great security threat from terrorism.

Interestingly, during the short listing of candidates for the interview of the Consular Clerk, only women were short listed for the position and interviewed. However the job was offered a man, an introduction of Mr. Salif Mohammadou, he neither attended the interview nor was interviewed but was given the job based on his relationship as cousin to Mr. Salif Mahamadou landlord .Today, and all issued consular card system verification could be access through the consular clerk mobile phone. The consular card machine is kept in the custody of Mr. Zayyed Abdulsalam, who takes pleasure in seizing Nigeria national’s consular cards.

This is against the norms, as his scope of duty has nothing to do with issues relating to Consular cards, but was found interesting because of how lucrative that section of the Embassy is; more so the fact that receipts issued for the consular cards are not traceable to the treasury receipts, as the receipts issued are printed locally and not accounted for. This much for our national security and things that would be classed as classified materials in civilized societies.

The receptionist, a lady popular with the staffs, is a close associate to Mr. Zayyad and Abubakar Abdulmaleek, was an introduction of same Mr. Salif Mahamadou, we were not surprised she got the job of the receptionist.

The present security agency, which replaced the contracted firm, SECURICOM, a reputable security agency In Mali, which manned their international airport, was an introduction of Mr. Salif Mahamadou. The image formed through these introductions of Mr. Salif Mohammed at the embassy is; a golden triangle of conspiracies, from the security post to the receptionist and a distribution of all the important between the consular clerk and the chief protocol/maintenance officer and a possible in know what’s up Cda-ai.

Mr. Salif Mohamadou is of no qualification; he can neither read nor write nor speak English or French correctly, yet a great manipulator. Therefore, our believe that our security as a people has been compromised; therefore the call, for the need of the present administration of Ambassador,Kenneth .C. Nwachukwu, need for a holistic overhaul of the staffing both local and international and the security firm contracted , for an effective and efficient administration of the mission house.


While still dealing on the compromised national security situation, our research has proven of serious violation of the Nigeria entry visa procurement procedure by the consular department and the charge de affaires in the issuance of entry visa, to the highest bidders and persons, that could pose a serious security threat to the Nigeria nation but yet were issued entry visa to Nigeria by Mr. Abubakar Abdulmaleek, then Consular officer Nigerian Embassy Mali, at a time, when our great nation was under siege by Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen, to persons with records of having been refused entry visa to Nigeria, by Nigeria diplomatic mission in Indonesia, China, Pakistan etc.

Early July 2016, four (4) Visas were issued to Indonesians that did not meet with Visa application requirements, as a cover up, they were said to have been issued an invitations by a Mister SALAMI AKEEM ADESINA with Nigeria passport N°: A029664821. Issued in Lagos, while these persons with visa receipts N°’: Z007560380, Recipient: SATHES ARAN, Z007560381, SURESH ARUNRAJ, Z007560382, RAMANAN ARUNKUMAR, Z007560383, SURESH KAMALAN, they were numerous but for lack of space, we are only listing these three, there are documented evidence in the event of denial. These persons were never present at the embassy, and not even stepped their feet in Mali,and were not present for visa applicants interview, their applications were handle by a third party, a Mister; RAJENDRAN RAJKUMAR, a duel British Indonesian national, a certified Professional Marketer – Asia; Manager: Fundraising and Communications, Muslim Aid Sri Lanka Field office. Sri Lanka.

The visa deal was struck between Mr. Rajkumar and Abdulmaleek the consular at the Palais des Sports, Aci 2000 Bamako Mali, (sports complex – Basket ball complex) , some 1000 meters from Nigeria Embassy complex. The visas were issued at home by the consular, and were personally hand delivered at Hotel Kum – Mougel in Banakambougou area of Bamako.

It should be of note here, that the Visa receipts did not accompany the Visa, as the receipts were left behind in the office at the time the visas were issued at home, and this has made accountability difficult for the then account clerk to balance his book because of the discrepancies in date of issues of visa and the receipt, which could pose problems should the auditors visit, but then it’s no worry, as visiting auditors by tradition has only looked at the Visa receipts and do not border with the visa booklet for proper accounting.

The fall out of individual reaction to this visa transaction at the embassy and other issue has netted Mr. Cisse YAHUZA JAAFFAR a Nigeria Malienne national, an ex-account clerk at the Nigerian Embassy an issued query and a summon by the disciplinary committee.

Firstly, a letter of suspension dated 05 May 2017; ref: NEB/S/236/VOL.1. Sub titled: SUSPENSION ON ACCOUNT OF INDISCIPLINE AGAINST NIGERIA AND ITS NATIONALS, because he has challenged the authority behind the issuance of these Visas, without proper documentations at the disciplinary committee set up to look into the issues against Mr. Jaaffar, he was eventually relieved of his duty. Firstly, his employment status was revoked, from permanent to causal worker with a possible consequence to the international labour law and practices, before he was relieved on his duty. Mr. Jaffar had petitioned the new H.O.M ( Head of Mission) on the 27/07/2017 for his reinstatement and enlightening the mission about the misdeeds of Abdulmaleek with facts and evidence, the disciplinary committee actions was made counterproductive by Zayyad to cover up for his colleague. Eventually Mr. Jaffar had resulted to litigation by going to court to seek redress over the termination of his appointment and the withholding of his entitlements; citing that his employment right, under ILO (international labour organization) and Mali labour law has been violated. The case Mr. Cisse YAHUZAJAAFFAR Vs ABDULMALEEK ABUBACAR, the former consular officer Nigerian Embassy Bamako Mali had gone to court with a motion, Case N° STN/1039/PM-CIV/16/10/17.

Interestingly, under the Geneva protocol convention, with regards to litigations. Diplomatic representations has two months to respond to litigation, which we believed was enough room for an understanding with a fellow Nigerian for the case to be withdrawn for an in house settlement, rather than filling a counter claim with a counter motion alleging false allegation and death threat. it is our candid opinion, that much would have been achieved, as it’s said that no war is ever won without around table talk; rather than the bashing the image of our great nation in a commercial court of law. The case was trashed out at the commercial court of Mali. The case was held in on the 28th November 2017, adjourned to 29th, held and dismissed in favour of the applicant.


The threat to the welfare of lives and properties of Nigerian Diasporas is enormous, the national economic recession that leads to mass migrations of Nigerians, both young and old, professionals and nonprofessionals using dangerous routes to Europe in search of greener pasture; of which the Diasporas in Mali are no exception; has help kept Nigerians focus away from what the real threat is; until the Libya slave market exposed our short falls and negligence as a nation in meeting with the aspirations of the national teaming energetic and resourceful youth population.

Economically, the Nigerians in Diaspora was reported to have remitted $35 Billion united state dollars in the year 2016, which was a boast from the previous year 2015, this is in according to the statement of the assistant to the president on foreign affairs on the Diaspora Mrs., Abike Dabiri Erewa. According to the data from Global knowledge partnership on migration and development, Nigerians in Diaspora remitted a total of $20.8 Billion Dollars in the year 2015, while within this period African remittance is put at $60Billion dollars. This is an amount higher than most federal investments and ministries could have generated within the same period.

The Diasporas deserves some respect from Nigerian government and their representatives, both local and international staffs at our embassy worldwide not but including Mali embassy staffs whose salaries and flamboyant life styles including their children school fees and even house helps are paid through tax on Diasporas remittance.

We should be careful when we label our compatriots, as we are all big time beneficiaries of the crimes of Diasporas compatriots.


Facts, remains that Nigerian embassy Mali is run in part from the proceeds of human trafficking and the related crime, such proceeds from the Consular Cards Valued at 5000 cfa. Today more than 5000 cards have been issued to Nigerians, Professionals and non professionals , prostitutes, domestic servants etc, while our national identity cards in Nigeria is free, ETC ( emergency travel certificate ) at 15,000 cfa, Laissez Passer is 7,000 Cfa . Yet Nigerian consular department will always request for financial assistance from the home office before rendering assistance to a needy Nigerian. Loveth, the sick Delta lady, died on her way back to Nigeria in Benin Republic in December 2017, from negligence on our part as a people, she was rejected any form of assistance at the embassy from the Consular department, she was offered Laissez Passer and abandoned at the park for days without money to feed or get medical assistance. It took a sympathetic Director of Hamzie Voyage (A travel agency) to issue her and four other Nigerian ladies fleeing from their trafficker free ticket. She eventually did not make it home as she lost it before arrival.

It’s important that our position be made clear, with special focus on trafficking in person. It’s Criminal, An Abuse and a gross violation on the human right. We support any action concerted, governmental, non-Governmental, and personal or organize association, towards checkmating the flow as a welcome development, on condition that emphasis should be on the respect for the right of man.

The combat against trafficking should be based on the right of victims, which is entrenched in the victim’s protection act of the UN sub- titled UNTP (United National Trafficking protocol, which came into force on the 23rd December 2013, of which our great nation is signatory to.

In straightening the effort on combat against trafficking in person; there should be a better understanding of the scope and nature of the crime. This, not but include areas not properly addressed, as selective discriminatory actions of operators should be properly addressed. These include the discriminatory and vengeful actions of operators as is occasioned in the acclaimed action of the current anti-trafficking in person crusaders that was used by the past Abdumaleek and present consular Madam A.B Wonosikou is engaged in.

These persons are of questionable characters, as they have been accused of criminal acts, having been involved in drugs trafficking, trafficking in persons in the name of football agents, theft cases, extortion and ransom demands from human traffickers and related crime acts, yet the consular departments under Abdulmaleek and Madame Wonosikou finds it comfortable working with them and even raising campaign that the be included in the Nido Mali structure as executive officers.

The combat action against trafficking in person should not be ethnic or tribal based. The Nigeria society is knitted with special attachments to our tradition and culture, which could be discovered in their attachment to their respective communities, therefore any ethnic or tribal sentiments should not be allowed to fester, as it could cause friction and disruption in a united Nigeria structure that exist. Such as was declared publicly declared in DIJDIAN area of the region of Kayes, that it was a vendetta against other tribe’s, by those sent by the embassy. This is dangerous and should be stopped.

It also should be devoid of personal and monitory interest, people currently are been intimidated into ransom payment or face Nigerian Embassy arrest through the security agencies dealing with human trafficking and terrorism . These we cannot deny the fact, that it’s an occurrence, too regular now, that Nigerians in Mali currently are leaving in fear of unlawful arrest and detention, by the agents of Nigerian Embassy.


The raid on 06/11/2017 on brothels frequent by Nigerian girls by the special force of women and children affairs (Brigade de Moeurs) in collaboration with IOM (International immigration office) organized and supervised by the international body and Nigerian embassy consular department under Madam Wonosikou was an action, inimical to the NATIP minus IOM (National anti trafficking in Person agency) 2012 disgraceful outing in Mali. This was more of a military raid on civilians.The arrest was marred by scandals of physical abuse and violation of UN protocol on protection of the rights of Victims of HBT.

It’s not a known fact that physical assault on Victims is a standardized approved form of extracting information from victims, this action is criminal, unjustified and condemned it’s a shameful action by the agents of the Nigeria Embassy for identifications of the arrested persons, the assaults on Nigerians, irrespective of their professions before the committee of nations has clearly proven; before the world how much value we attached to the lives of Nigerians both home and outside and an indication that they could be treated as animals.

Recent events and arrest of Nigerians in the capital of Mali and the subsequent extortions after the raid of 06/11/2017, intimidations, blackmails and the constant police harassments with trump up charges against Nigerians, by the agents of the Consular department and the charge d’ affaires have proven, that by the embassy action(s) as the nation representatives, they have defy shame more than the girl prostitutes and any word in the dictionary can define.

It our believe that there should be victim rehabilitation Program, that ensures save and reliable rehab programs, that should guarantees a future with an assured tomorrow rather than being returned into the harsh realities of a failed system that could not address their youthful aspirations that drove them into adventure. It will not be a welcome development anymore if the government cannot address their needs, returning them back home without adequately addressing their rehabilitation issue would amount to their return to slavery that they fled from. They should not be handed over to the criminal agents of the embassy for another round of exploitation, as is the present situation, where rescued girls are back into prostitution in brothels here; this time however under the protection of Nigeria Embassy Consular department and her authorized agents.

We feels that the present administration under the Ambassador Kenneth .C. Nwachukwu should invest on integration, which is natural and not a byproduct, through harnessing on the abundance human resource here to better the life’s of the diasporas.

Charles Elliot – Bamalo Mali.


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