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Exposed: How Corrupt Army General Sends Soldiers to Die at the Hands of Boko Haram

By Abdulrazaq O Hamzat

Save Our Soul, Soldiers Cry Out – How Corrupt Brigadier General Clement Apere Deliberately Sends Soldiers To Die In The Hands Of Boko Haram

Written by a patriotic soldier at the warfront in North East.

You know those (corrupt) generals and you cannot follow them up. The likes of Brigadier General Clement Apere of 707 Brigade Makurdi, commander of special forces brigade Headquarters. And now Texas Chukwu, the Army spokesperson, and new 7 div commander that always connived to set up soldiers and systematically give weapons to boko haram, where boko haram dislodged 800 troops and killed hundreds of them.

Brigadier General Clement Apere deployed 150 soldiers calling them Special Forces. These soldiers he never trained! He was given a lot of money to train soldiers outside the country, as part of the special forces training. He just gave them black uniforms, and told them that they are special forces, without any training. Now he has succeeded in killing those 150 again at Garshiga in Maiduguri about 4 days ago.

The army denied that these 150 SF soldiers were killed. They claimed that they are not aware that those troops have failed to come back again to Maiduguri because they just left the theatre on the 1st of july 2018.

The special forces barrack in Azare is nothing to write home about, where 15 soldiers are living in a single room. Some are even living in churches and mosques. Some are even living in their own tent, yet we are looking for corrupt senior military officers, when we already know who they are and where they are.

Let us stop deceiving ourselves in this country. Some people are above the law like those military Generals in Maiduguri and the North East generally. If you want to know the truth, ask people in Maiduguri. Go to special forces camp at Kashua Fara low cost and make enquiries.

Soldiers are tired, but they are afraid of arm forces act, that is the hand cuff they always use to threaten them with. Nigerian soldiers are nothing but slaves, while Nigeria army is a corrupt morden market for making millions and billions!

It is terrible. I have my brother also fighting in the war front. May be he will be the next victim. I pray for his safety. This is how corruption and bad leadership kills Nigeria – Abdulrazaq O Hamzat

Bulus Sani Shabanda wrote:

Your finding is true comrade. My brother is one of the victims of the last four days attack (against the special forces). He is one of the the special forces posted to Maiduguri from Azare barrack. He informed me that boko haram attacked their base and killed many of his colleagues, and few of them escaped narrowly. Up to this point in time, he is not back in town. There is no reinforcement sent to rescue them. They are still in danger! I pity Nigerian army working in the Northeast.

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