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EXPOSED! Obiano Demands Voting Details Of Civil Servants To Rig Election For Buhari

ElombahNews is in possession of concrete information revealing that the governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano has embarked on moves to rig election in the state in favour of the incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari for the presidential election coming up on February 23.

To that end, Governor Obiano has sent a text message on telephones of civil servants in the state to submit their voting details.

The text message, forwarded to this medium by a civil servant in Anambra State, reads as follows:

“Pls submit a return on these details of staff in your school to Admin Dept PPSSC Awka zonal office as directed by the Executive Governor of Anambra state.

  1. Name
  2. Voting Ward
  3. Polling Unit

“Return to be submitted before close of work 2moro 20/02/19.

“Pls acknowledge receipt of this info.

“ZDE” [End.]

Upon enquiry, ElombahNews was informed that PPSSC stands for “Post Primary School Service Commission”, while “ZDE” stands for “Zonal Directorate of Education”.

Our correspondent gathered that there are six Zonal Directorates in the stated and that the same message has been received across the state.

A civil servant, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid losing her job, said that the headmaster of her school has been repeatedly calling her phone since afternoon.

She said the headmaster, who spoke with a great sense of urgency, ordered her to submit the required details or risk losing her job, as well as his.

This medium was reliably informed that Obiano used a similar tactics in 2017 which saw him sweep all the local governments in the state during the state’s gubernatorial election.

The rigging format birthed the popular 21/21 slogan in the state, meaning 21 wins in local governments of the state.

Meanwhile, ElombahNews had, earlier in the day, reported that while Mr. President is busy dishing out shoot-at-sight or death order, millions of ballot papers and result sheets have irretrievably gone missing in the dead of the night across the country, courtesy of agents of his ruling party and surrogated party agents and their INEC conspirators.

The report said that millions of these ballot papers and result sheets have not only been reported missing but most likely thumb printed and filled in hotel rooms and other hidden locations for the ruling party.

In Anambra State, under Obiano’s watch, ballot papers and result sheets were thumb printed and filled in different parts of the State in hidden locations including Ogbaru area of the State in the late night of last Friday, few hours before the announcement of the sudden shift in the poll.

The thumb printers were reportedly linked to the ruling party in the State in its desperation to rig in favor of Mr. President.

Another shocking note is that Obiano has also reportedly received a promissory note of N10 billion from the Presidency given to it recently as part of federal road reconstruction refunds to the State.

However, half of the said sum is set aside to be squandered in vote buying for Mr. President and the State legislators contesting under its ruling partythe report stated.


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