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Exposed: SARS Slaughterhouse In Anambra Uncovered

Aside from the Awkuzu SARS that kills at will in Anambra, there’s also a SARS dungeon and a decomposing pit at their secret station at Nneni. It was built and handed over to them by late Chief Anthony Enukeme a.k.a.

TONIMAS who hails from the same town, who also died a few months ago.

This Nneni secret station is where the main crime of organ harvesting actually takes place.

This is how they operate

Once anybody was kidnapped by these criminals called SARS, they will first of all take you to Awkuzu after taking your mobile phone away from you, they will switch it off to prevent any family member from contacting you, they will put you in the cell amidst severe torture to back their claims that you are a criminal.

You will remain there battered, tortured, hungry and weak until evening, then if none of your family members or friends goes there in search of you until it is night, then you are gone and gone forever!

In the middle of the night at around 2 to 3 am, they will bundle you and other victims to Nneni where they will tie you up and cover your face with waterproof bag in order to prevent you from shouting loud while you are being killed, as you are gasping for breath, they will start to harvest your kidney while you are still alive.

After that, they will pour acid and chemical that will prevent smells on you and then throw you into the decomposing pit.

Note: Here, they also have two cells in their dungeon namely ‘cell A and cell B’

Cell A is where people that were lucky to be seen by bystanders or friends when they are being kidnapped are kept for only two to three days.

While cell B, is were the condemned are kept only to be taken a way randomly for their organs to be harvested.

Story by:

A lucky victim whom his friends saw during his arrest and thought that he might have been taken to Awkuzu station or Nneni, and they went in time looking out for him, which was how he was saved.

This is the kind of atrocious crime taking place in Nigeria yet the government are doing nothing to help innocent citizens.

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