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Extortion: Abba Kyari responds to allegations of him extorting ₦41 million from a businessman


 “Fraudster Afeez Mojeed defrauded 94million naira from a victim. He was arrested six years ago and 41m was recovered from the proceeds of the crime which he voluntarily paid the victim (Owner of the money) back directly through the victim’s Account.

Also he Confessed on Video and in writing that he bought a Honda Accord 2008 model and 7m land from the N94m he defrauded and that he has squandered the remaining N31m on hotels and girlfriends. He submitted the car and land documents which was registered as exhibit before he was charged to court and after some years he was discharged not acquitted from court because the complainant was not coming to court as most Nigerians do.

The land document and the car that were registered as exhibit are still kept with the exhibit keeper in Lagos.

The criminal will be re-arrested and charged to court again as he was not acquitted by the court. Also the complainant has assured the Police that he is in Nigeria now and he is ready to be attending the court process untill his case is concluded this time around because he said he will not leave his balance of N31m to the fraudster.

I’m surprised the fraudster is mentioning my name like he gave me One kobo. He has not given me one kobo and I did not collect money from anybody. I wouldn’t have been who I am today if am a cheap corrupt officer like this. He has no evidence of giving me one kobo. All lies from a criminal that was charged to court. Let him prove all the lies he is peddling against me.

If it’s true that somebody took his N41m, what was he doing throughout the last six years? Why didn’t he go to the ICPC, EFCC or the Court?

Some Human Right lawyers have declared on their own that they will sue the fraudster for defamation of character this Friday.”

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