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Extradite Nnamdi Kanu to the zoo? ~ by Darlington Imoh

Yes, let the zoo apply for it, says both Mazi Darlington Imoh, the Officer without Portfolio of the Biafran Campaign and one unknown Chukwuma Diokpa, the convenor of the protest against Nnamdi Kanu at the British High Commission in Abuja, but for different reasons.

I want the zoo to apply to a British Court to repatriate MNK to the zoo and make MNK’s day.

Chukwuma Diokpa wants NMK repatriated to the zoo to justify the money he and Uche Mefor have been paid to sabotage the campaign to restore Biafra, but can I say something to all Biafrans?

The Zoo will NEVER  apply for it, they are not that stupid, they are not that daft, they are not that diplomatically suicidal, they are not in a hurry to open their anus for the anatomical examination of the entire world.

Uche Mefor and his bunch of Judases and saboteurs may chant ‘repatriate MNK to the zoo’ in order to fatten their 30 pieces of Silver from the Zoological Republic of the Fulanis but the Fulanis have enough educated men from the South working for them, to advise them that under international law, to send a man to where he will be murdered in cold blood is as good as killing him with your own hands.

Making that application is a daunting task and requires going through extraordinarily stringent procedures beyond the foreseeable spectrum of Uche Mefor and his gang.

For a start, the applicant must establish that the defendant has committed a crime serious enough to be taken from one country to another against his wish. Can the zoo scale this hurdle?

I mean what crime has Nnamdi Kanu committed, serious or a misdemeanor?

Ladies and gentlemen reading this text, the only crime Nnamdi Kanu committed is asking for what British themselves sort for and got from European Union i.e. BREXIT.

The British debated among themselves for several years whether or not Britain should remain in or exit European Union.

It was then put to a referendum dubbed BREXIT i.e. British exit from Europe, a majority voted to leave Europe.

In the run up to this referendum, not a single person was arrested, not a single person was killed for expressing his opinion one way or the other because Britain is a civilised country.

All that Nnamdi Kanu has been asking for is a referendum on the way forward following the expiration of the 100 year deed of amalgamation of 1914 to 2014.

The former British Foreign Secretary, Sir Douglas Hurd once said that gone are the days when a nation is kept together by shooting her citizens.

Scotland had a referendum on remaining as part of the UK or getting Scottish Independence and nobody was arrested or killed because United Kingdom is a civilised country.

Question: Is Nigeria a civilised country?

Let us consider the opinion of two leaders in order of the timing of their expression of their opinions on Nigeria, one of them, a former Nigerian head of state, General Olusegun Obasanjo, in a British television interview which I Darlington Imoh watched live.

Obasanjo said in that interview that… I quote him verbatim: “What is happening in Nigeria will not happen in a civilised country”.

In effect, in the opinion of Obasanjo who ruled Nigeria for 8 years or so, Nigeria is NOT a civilised country. Obasanjo is still alive, any doubting Thomas can ask him if he publicly said this in a British television interview.

The second man who expressed his opinion on Nigeria is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, MNK described Nigeria as a ZOO. Well, that is the opinion of Nnamdi Kanu.

On this occasion I disagree with Nnamdi Kanu because to describe Nigeria as a zoo is rather complimentary because a zoo is well organised.

The big cats (lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, sphinx don’t go about tearing and eating up the antelopes, the whart hogs, the monkeys etc.

All the inmates of a zoo are well fed; veterinary surgeons take care of the inmates when they are sick. But do the inmates of that enclave called Nigeria enjoy any of these niceties?

If not I will rather refer to Nigeria as a Kalakuta Republic of kleptocracy.

The second hurdle is that one must convince the host country that the defendant will get justice if tried in the country applying for repatriation.

Ladies and gentlemen, is there justice in the Kalakuta kleptocracy?

In that Kalakuta kleptocracy how many hundreds of thousands of people have been shot dead or beheaded or raped by virtue of their religion or ethnicity or for demonstrating peacefully and nobody arrested for murder let alone tried?

3rd hurdle

The country applying for repatriation must convince the host country that if the defendant is convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction in the country requesting repatriation, the penalty for the offence which she succeeded in getting him repatriated cannot be draconian or more severe than the penalty for the same offence if the defendant is convicted in the host country.

For example, if Mr A, a national of Republic of xyz is convicted of theft of say £1,000 in Britain and the penalty for that offence is, say 3 months imprisonment in Britain…

If Mr A steals the equivalent of £1,000 in his home county of Republic of xyz and escapes to Britain, if the Republic of xyz later applies to Britain to repatriate Mr A to republic of xyz to face trial for the theft of £1,000 but the punishment for theft of £1,000 in Republic of xyz is amputation of his left hand, Britain will NOT, repeat, will NOT repatriate Mr A to republic of xyz, as simple as that.

If Britain repatriates Mr A to xyz and convicted there and has his left hand amputated, Britain will be held as guilty of chopping off Mr A’s left hand with their own surgeons’ knives.

And now…

Darlington Imoh, Nnamdi Kanu & Uche Mefor

In the beginning, circus 2013 the 3 men were very good friends, things fell apart when Nnamdi Kanu was detained in the Kalakuta kleptocracy.

Uche Mefor hired a lawyer, called Steve Obeta who, in a public address, to the rude shock of everybody in his right mind, declared Nnamdi Kanu guilty of the crimes he was charged with.

In his own statement Steve Obeta said and I quote: “I am not saying that my client is not guilty”.

Even in the Zoo the onus of proof of guilt rests with the prosecution, it is not up to the defendant to establish his innocence.

So for the defence counsel to make an interlocutory declaration that his client is guilty is unprecedented.

It was widely suspected that Uche Mefor was part of the conspiracy to convict Nnamdi Kanu so that he Uche Mefor can take over the leadership of IPOB.

I Mazi Darlington Imoh and some other Biafrans immediately started calling for the removal of Steve Obeta from the case and the removal of Uche Mefor as Nnamdi Kanu’s deputy.

At IPOB meetings at Durning hall near Stratford in East London I called for two assistants to assist Uche Mefor, both of them Ph.D. holders. [Uche Mefor has only OND (Ordinary National Diploma.)]

This was a prelude to getting rid of Uche Mefor as deputy of Nnamdi Kanu but I was out-voted by a majority of members who felt they knew Uche Mefor more than me.

Now see the result of affirming Uche Mefor in office. This is part of the proof that majority does should NOT carry absolutely every vote.

The very best proof known to mankind that majority should NOT carry every vote is the majority that voted to free Barabas and crucify Jesus.

The majority that outvoted me included the oldest Biafran in England that regularly attended IPOB meetings in East London, one Ndaa Opara Nkoku, now deceased. He died of Corona virus infection in 2019.

Eventually Steve Obeta was replaced by Mr Ejiofor, a very competent lawyer.

When Nnamdi Kanu escaped assassination in the operation Python Dance and returned to England I told Nnamdi Kanu repeatedly to get rid of Uche Mefor as his deputy.

But when I realised that Nnamdi Kanu was reluctant to get rid of Uche Mefor I then asked Nnamdi: On a scale of zero to 100 how high or low does he place his confidence on Uche Mefor? To my gross disappointment Nnamdi Kanu said: 100%. What else could I do? MNK is the leader of IPOB.

I now feel that Nnamdi Kanu now regrets NOT heeding my advice years ago. So far there are six things I suggested to Nnamdi Kanu, two he ignored and they both ended in gnashing of teeth, one of them was his refusal to sack Uche Mefor years ago.

The 2nd he ignored which also ended in gnashing of teeth, the 3rd and 4th which he implemented and they both yielded huge dividends, till date he has NOT implemented the 5th and 6th.

If he had implemented the 5th & 6th, if he had implemented the 5th & 6th, hmmmm… if he had implemented the 5th & 6th, if he had implemented…

I will NOT enter into correspondence with any human being over these six issues except Nnamdi Kanu himself.

I am disappointed but NOT surprised about the behaviour of Uche Mefor & his co-Judases because whenever an ethnicity is facing existential threat there will always be elements within that ethnicity who, for gains or sheer stupidity, will collaborate with the enemy of their ethnicity to the gross detriment of their people.

During the enslavement of Israelites by a dynasty of Pharaohs there were Jewish task masters who betrayed fellow Israelites to be devoured by pharaoh’s men.

In more recent history during the Nazi concentration camp years of 1939 to 1945 there were a group of Jewish concentration camp prisoners called Sunder Commandos who were recruited by the Nazis to collaborate with the Nazis to exterminate fellow Jews in return for good food, better accommodation and better living conditions.

QUESTION: What final ‘gratuities’ did the Nazis pay the sunder Commandos?

ANSWER: When the Nazis felt that the sunder comnados had known too much about the Nazi program to exterminate European Jewry, the Nazis lined them up and shot the sunder commandos to mincemeat and replaced them with prisoners newly captured from the continent of Europe.

Compiled by Mazi Darlington Imoh
Akaekpuchiónwa 1 of Arondizuogu
Officer without portfolio of the Biafran campaign

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